Friday, May 30, 2008

Within One Week I Will.....


My Cousin Becky is hosting another blog carnival and since what I am going to try and do is kind of boring (because of a hectic week) I decided to post pictures of Sage in some of her fun hats. I can never find cute hats in the stores, but whenever I go to the second hand baby store here I always find them (and they are only a couple of bucks too which is a bonus). I love hats (I am so glad I had a girl) so if anyone knows where they have cute ones let me know!
My goal for the week is pretty boring but it is something that has been piling up on me:
Bottom of the To Do List Stuff : To catch up on my paperwork and correspondense (and a couple errands I keep putting off).
1. Send in Jr's union paperwork
2. Send in insurance forms
3. Send cards to RC, JM, Gpa
4. Replace scrapbook that Lami ate
5. Encourage my husband to put together our new deck swing and lounge area
6. Pay bills
Hopefully I will post a picture of the new deck stuff we got (thanks mom and dad) because I doubt you'd want to see a pile of papers!!


Parker's Mom said...

That POOR little girl. What torture! UGH! I HATE hats! However, I think the cutest is the tan billed one with the ear flaps. Reminds me of a redneck goober!

Em said...

Awe, how cute haha. I like hats, Avery likes hats too which is nice. She didn't there for a little while, sometime between6-12 months, but now she likes em. I like the green one with the moose on it. Always like the outdoorsy ones.

Good luck with your W.O.W. goal. I am going to fix up my garden I think. We'll see how far I get!

Becky said...

The hats are so fun! I can never get my pictures to line up like that on my blog. Maybe I make them too big? I like how you do it. Hats were my favorite, too. : )

Don't worry about your W.O.W. goal being exciting or boring, it's just supposed to be about what will make you feel good to have done. I have stuff that always gets pushed to the bottom of the to-do list, too. That's a good idea to pick that for your goal. I might have to do that one sometime, too. Don't you hate paperwork?????

Go, Mia, Go!!!


Katy said...

I'm with you Mia, hat's are great! I'm the same though, some of the best one's I had were hand me downs. Good luck this week. I need to get involved in this Wow thing. I have actually done a lot of mucking this week and I didn't even enter. Oh well!

Katy said...

Oh ya, my favorite hat is fifth one down on the right. She looks like a little strawberry with it on her head! So cute! Miss you guys!