Friday, August 21, 2009

Surgery Update Sage's 19 Month Update

Little Miss Talk Alot (Above) Andy and Floyd (Below)

Before I get into everything with my surgery I just wanted to tell you about Sage's 19 month well baby visit and share a gabber jaw video of Sage (she is so takative) She still is only 20 not on the %ile chart, but she is in the 50th percentile for her height and head. And the doctor said she has huge feet, so it looks like she got the curse of the big feet like her mommy and my grandma and other members of my everything looks great! We finally got to meet Andy' baby Floyd last weekend. I didn't get any picture of them together, but here is one of him and Andy that Carol sent. He is SO cute and at 4 months he weighs probably 18-19 pounds, so almost as much as Sage at 19 months. He is going to be a big baby! He is so good and just sort of hangs out, I totally miss that age! They are going fishing in Nasselle for the week, so it was really good to see them while they passed through and Cait came down also, and Ashley too who has moved up to Seattle, so I got to see all of them who I haven't' seen in a while!!

So everything went fine with my surgery. Dr Sears had to bring in another surgeon to help her with my left ovary because if was embedded in my pelvis where there alot of nerve endings and blood vessesl, but while she was in there she looked at my right ovary and said it looked in good condition and thinks that it will hold up for many years so I don't have to have it removed and go into early menopause since that would be a disaster with my high blood pressure and the hormones I would have to take. I did have to get a shot of insulin because my blood sugar was too high and so we kept monitoring that, and also I had unusually low blood pressure 110/54 when my bottom number is usally in the 90's or 100's, so we are keeping a close eye on this now too.

The first day of surgery I was pretty out of it all day, and was in a lot of pain because the morphine push button just wasn't enough for my high tollerance. For some reason, even though never in my life have I liked vanilla yougurt and granola, I am now obsessed with it and have been eating a ton of it.

There wasn't without some drama. A few days before my surgery a man carrying 3 guns came into the ER and started shooting people before the secuity shot and took him out. While talking to my nurse she said that if I heard "Code Black" or "Code Gray" it was usually not meaning threat with weapon, gray meaing threat with no weapon to nurses etc. So while I was in the hospital we had a code black on the 4th floor (I was on the 7th). We had a code red (fire) where they locked us in our room, and we had a code Grey on my floor at 2am and I could hear a guy screaming yelling and the nurses trying to contain him. It sounded like in the room right next to me and outside my hallway so I hid in my bathroom...

The good news is that so far the healing has been good. I have a little redness and brusing that the doctor thinks might be the start of an infection. I am able to get up and walk around some when my husband isn't yelling at me to get back to bed. As I said I am eating a ton of yogurt and granola. Thank goodness for my awesome parents who have been taking care of Sage. Jeramy as always has been GREAT! He is such a good husband and care taker. I am also so lucky to have such a supportive extended family of cousins and aunts and uncles on the otherside of the mountain and beyond, who I love so much and who I know love me. Emily is even going to come help take care of lucky I am to be surrounded by such amazingly loving people who loves me and my family enough to drop everything and come to help us. But the cool thing is, she knows I would do the same in a heartbeat, because that is what family does! And I am so glad that we have such an amazing family!

Thank you again to everyone who prayed for my health and recovery! I appreciate the love so much and I know that is why I am doing so well now. So after this whole 6 to 8 week recovery, I should have a totally new, pain free life that I am anxiously anticipating!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Happy Birthday!

The other Birthday Boy Wilson

Jeramy's Uncle Billy, Aunt Chika and their kids Mia and Wilson came to visit from California, so we went to Round Table Pizza to celebrate Wilson and Jeramy's 30th birthday. It is always confusing for me when Mia comes to visit so I am "big" Mia and she is "little" Mia, but I find myself saying "I didn't do it" was fun, and for some reason Sage liked wearing Jeramy's also loved playing the driving video game with her Grandpa Jeff as you can see, and talking on Auntie Heather's phone.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

We are a Go for Surgery!!


It is funny when you threaten to get a lawyer how fast the insurance company changed their tune. Within 15 minutes of me saying I was getting a lawyer, I got a phone call from the insurance company saying I had been approved to have my surgery! Thank God!! I started crying because that had been such a huge stress on me. But now knowing it is next Tuesday I am at peace and ready to get going and get on the mend to feeling better. My sugery is in the morning of the 18th and I will stay for 2-3 days at St Peter's hospital in Olympia, and then it is a 6-8 week recovery. I have spoken to a few people who have had the surgery and they said it was an aweful recovery, but after eveything was back to normal they were painfree and finally felt great! I am so excited to finally have hope to feeling better. Now we just have to get the house in order, pack me and Sage who is staying with my mom. I have a wonderfully supportive husband too who is an ace when it comes to taking care of his girls. Thank you to everyone who prayed for this insurance mess to resolve! Love you all!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Insurance Jerks

Sage's favorite thing, watering the garden with

Going to the garden in her rubber boots

A nice green pepper for Mommy!

So here is another rant email:

With my surgery scheduled for 9 days from now, the surgery date I barely made it to because of all the pain I have been in, the surgery date I have been praying would come sooner, is now, in pending mode because of the Jerks at the Insurance company who have decided to play a paper game with me and my doctor and deny the surgery on technicalities.

It all started when they faxed a letter to my doctor requesting information on why I needed this surgery and gave her 24 hours to respond. Well she isn't in on Friday and is was on call Monday so even after receiving my post op notes because she missed the 24 hour deadline they denyed it.
Then I received a letter dated August 3rd (I received it on August 6th) but it was post marked for August 4th, telling me I had 72 hours to file for an urgent appeal. So when I called to do so they tried to tell me I missed the deadline, but when I said it was postmarked the 4th and any idiot can date a letter for whatever date they want and I was still in the window, they told me, oh well I didn't qualify because I wasn't in the hospital, when I said that wasn't one of the reasons on the letter and if I didn't qualify why did they send me this letter telling me I don't qualify, then I was sent to the supervisor, who of course was unavailable and to leave a message. It was like they were going down a check list on "Reasons to deny"

I mean what idiot Nazi man read my post op notes stating that:

"Patient's uterus is attached to her c-section scar and her left ovary is embedded in her pelivis, and is in excrutiating pain that no narcotics can alieve, and that the doctor couldn't say 100% that she got all of my cancer cells because my cervix was being pulled back because my uterus is attached to my abdomen" and thought NAhhh that doesn't warrent a hystarectamy. I mean you would think that an insurance company would see my history and want to yank out any organs they could to save them money. Even seeing that Sage was a million dollar baby, you'd think they would want my uterus out so I wouldn't have another one. I told Jeramy we should have one just to spite the insurance company. But I cannot bend to pick up Sage, I can't go a full day on my feet, it is aweful and that phone call to the insurance company Friday threw me over the edge and I just cried all day. I barely made it to the 18th, I CANNOT go another month or however long they want to drag this out for. Politics or not, this really really sucks!!

So for now, my surgeon is just as pissed off about it as I am, she is going to step in again and I am going to have my family doctor step in as well....but the surgeon is keeping me on the books for the 18th and keeps assuring me, "You WILL have this surgery" I knew picking a woman OB/GYN was a good man would understand this pain I am in. So please cross your fingers and toes and pray that everything get's resolved and this nightmare will be over!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sage the Soccer Player

So I've been trying to make Sage into a volleyball player, but looks like she likes soccer for now! Her Auntie Kelsey took this the other night. She was just giggling away! She sure loves being outside!