Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sage's Pink Polka Dot Potty Prize Purse

Since she was 2 we have tried EVERYTHHING to try and potty train her/ The stickers on a chart, M&M's, Pretty Underware, Pull ups that turn cold when you go in them, training pants, cold turkey, putting a timer on, and through the whole thing she is so stubborn and will hold it in. So I decided to make a prize bag. So now if she tries she gets a sticker, but can only get a prize if she goes. I dressed the bag up all gaudy and put bells on it, and we make such a big deal if she goes. So tonight we sat her potty near the TV she was watching, and while we were making dinner, we heard her say "I did it" so we got "Sage's Pink Polka-Dot Prize Purse." and she got a big sucker. We were very proud of her so we called our parents and let her talk to them. So hopefully this will work for a while. We also let her pick out what pretty undi's she wanted to wear; Blues Clues. It is a bitter sweet thing, we'd like to have her potty trained, but until she is fully trained, it is going to be a bit of a sketchy time.
As I was just writing that last sentance, Sage came running around the corner screaming, I did it again I did it again! And she Did! So we called the Grandparents and are going to get prize buckets made for at their house, probably go to Party City and buy a bunch of random stuff. But I just told Jeramy, we have to be careful and no make her think she is going to get a prize everytime she goes, maybe we will move it just to #2, but for now, whatever works is what we are going with!!