Sunday, November 15, 2009

More Hawaii Pictures

My cousins Eugene and Jinny surfing

Daddy trying to get Sage to like the beach

International Market, where they put a bird
on Jeramy's head which Sage thought was coo

Sage finally warming up to the beach with me
Grandma, and Emo Sunny

Here are a couple more pictures from our trip. I also included a picture of Jeramy's new tattoo. He got my name in Korean on his wedding ring finger, now that is love! He already has my name branded down his arm, but at least now this way he can't lose his wedding ring. He also got a cutplug done on his arm too. And I found this picture of me and my grandma so I put it into Sage's scrapbook to show her who she is named after....this is my favorite picture of her, I miss her a whole bunch!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Hawaii Part 1, More to Come!

Sage passed out after a long day!

Sorry it has taken me so long to do a blog, we have been kind of busy. Right after our Hawaii trip we have all of Jeramy's family here. We had a blast in Hawaii. Jeramy who was a little bahhumbug at first loved it and said he would go back. His favorite part was the snorkling, and him and my cousin Eugene rented mopeds, we went to a luau, and he went fishing twice in one day. Sage did not like the beach at first which was surprising, but after a while she figured out the sand and made a mess. Thank god for my parents because Jeramy and I were able to swim way out into the ocean, the funny part was trying to get back...I kept saying, "Am I moving" Unfotunately Sage did not like the Luau either, but it started really late and she never assimilated to Hawaii time. It was hard organizing 16 people, but I just woke up early and laid in the sun while everyone was still sleeping and got a great tan, and that is all I wanted. Sage got to go to the aquarium with my mom and dad and she loved it. She did great on the ride there, but on the way back for about 3 hours was a bit antsy, but all in all she did great. Poor Poor Uncle Sagagi, dislocated his knee on stage at Germane's Luau in a coconut bra and grass skirt, and while being wheeled off stage, rubbed his cocunuts...I think he will post LOTS more pictures once I have more time as we have a bunch of Jeramy's family here now too!