Saturday, May 17, 2008

Within One Week

Before all of her clothes were in boxes and her crib

I got her closet finished...woohoo! Jeramy put in another level and then a shelf on top so now we have even more room for all her clothes. I labeled the month size (thanks Becky) and then labeled the boxes on the shelf (butt ruffles and leg warmers, socks, shoes, hats and big hats). I also got these really cool drawer organizers at IKEA for all of her top drawer stuff (bibs, wash cloths, hair bows, butt cream, medicine, paci's etc.) All of her other drawers are also organized by month size! To finish it off, Jeramy and I bought the dogs a swimming pool. Toby sure loves it, and Lami will do whatever Toby does!
Thanks Becky and Angie for the motivation!!


Angie said...

Way to go Mia!! I can't believe that you got that all done so fast. It looks great!!

Can I say?? That girl has a whole lot of cloths. I bet this is just a peek into the future of having a girl. I know I'm seeing a HUGE diff with a girl.

Have a fun Sunday!!

Alyce said...

Hi..Thanks for commenting on my office is coming along VERY slowly. I dont know if I'll get it done in a week.
Your baby's room looks good! I have two girls and we have LOTS of clothes too!

Katy said...

Wow, Mia, I am impressed. I have been gone for a few days and I get back and it seems like this was all done overnight! LOL Does Mary Poppins live there, and do you think you could send her this way? Looks awsome! That is a ton of clothes in that closet girl! I might have to do this sometime, but this was not a good week since I was gone.

Em said...

Good job Mia! Wow, I need to get Avery's room organized. I have no storage space, so clothes aren't the problem it's the big toys that's she's outgrown and I have no where to put them lol. I don't want to put them away because I'm gonna be using them before too long! Anyway, I'm impressed, looks good!