Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What's New With Us!

Just a quick post to say hello to everyone and give a quick update...nothing really going on. Pa got Sage her first big girl bed in an attempt to get her to sleep in her own room. Note to anyone who goes out to buy a mattress, really barter with them. My Dad got them to go from $1,400 to $500 for a Queen with a 10 year warranty. Everyone asks (even the delivery guys) why a 2 year old needs a queen size bed, and we say...well they don't come in Princess size and she gets anything she wants. So last night was our first night in the new bed...I laid in there with her and shut the door and she cried...I want my Daddy...I am pretty sure that Jeramy slept on the floor outside of her room. Her other Grandparents just got back from Australia and Disneyland and brought her this huge Mickey sourdough bread. We finally put Grandpa Cal's chair in the living room and she and Jeramy snuggle on it every night. Lami too. Sage thinks she can sit on Lami and ride her like a horse like she does with Toby, Lami is great, she puts up with it.
We all just got over a nasty cold over here. It was actually Sage's first cold and fever. She HATED the bubble gum medicine, and it was interesting trying to get her to take it...I finally just buckled down pinched her cheeks and clamped her mouth shut. When we went to the doctor she weighed 22 pounds on with clothes, a big jacket, heavy shoes and the nurses hand, so I am guessing she is still around 20 pounds. She may be small but let me tell you she had a BIG attitude! Whenever you try and tell her not to do something she says..."Mom" in a really condisending way and tries to reason her way out of it. I wonder where she learned that.
I went on my first trip away from her since she was born and went clam digging with Jeramy and some friends...but mainly I slept the whole time, I wasn't digging. Jeramy was so sweet he bought me my very own pink clam gun! I ended up out digging him both days, guess it was my new pink gun...lol...We are planning another trip in April to meet up with Katy and Mike like we did last year so that should be really fun!
The first picture of her is her new thing, running around with no shirt on. And she LOVES playing with Jeramy's bino's so he took 2 orange juice bottles and red duct tape and made her very own bino's, which she loves, she runs around the house saying...I see you.

Friday, March 19, 2010

To Sage from Daddy

Daddy's turn to tell you a few things about him like Mom did in your first Blog Book.....

1. Likes hiking near St. Helens in the mountains with his friends.
2. Likes to fish with friends and family.
3. Loves to spend time with family at the beach clam digging (even though mom can out dig him) 4. Even though mom didn't like too, Dad got her to camp because he loves it, and you were 7 months the first time you went.
5. Daddy use to race Moto-Cross, his number was 4. He can't wait to get you your first motorcycle with training wheels.
6. Hates computers, and is yelling at mommy now for making him do this.
7. Has a green thumb in the garden and has the best green peppers!
8. Had to go to Disneyland every summer with your Grandma and Grandpa, liked Space Mountain...Mommy and Daddy went with everyone when we first met, but Mom doesn't like rides and she held all the purses.
9. Everybody calls Daddy, Junior because he works with his Dad...but your cousins call him Uncle Norris from the night Avery was born.
10. Favorite ice cream is chocolate chip mint.
11. Right now Daddy has 10 tattoos including your foot prints from when you were a baby, Mommy's name and Mommy's name in Korean on his ring finger.
12. First concert he ever went to was New Kids on the Block, Mommy's first concert was No Doubt and Weezer.
13. Use to play roller hockey.
14. Was the guy who put out the speed cones at Skateland, Mommy can't skate and after seeing Daddy skate for the first time realized..."I married the speed cone guy"
15. One of Daddy's best friends Robert, who Mommy went to school with, introduced us because Robert and Mommy were neighbors.
16. Has gone to Tahsis 2 times with Andy and the Holmans.
17. Has built scaffolding for 11 years.
18. Loves getting our "group hugs" from wife and daughter.
19. Toby is very much Mommy's dog, while Lami who is very obnoxious is Daddy's dog, even though he will tell you otherwise.
20. Went to Lydia Hawk Elementary, Tumwater Middle and High School.
21. Got a Fish Craft drift boat shortly after meeting Mommy, and you loved going to play in the boat. We also have a jet sled that we have never used since we bought it.
22. Mommy and Daddy's first house was on 58th Ct near our current house on Alder Glen Drive. 23. Daddy's first car was a tan Chevy Monza, who he got from Uncle Dusty's Grandpa.
24. Favorite food is elk backstrap, which Mommy hates!
25. Favorite color are blue and green (the color of your and Daddy's eyes).
26. Has been friends with Uncle Dusty for 24 years, they met when they were 6 years old when they were neighbors on the East Side.
27. Kareoked "Family Tradition" at our reception.
28. Daddy's middle name is Lee, like his Dad...and his first name starts with a J like his Dad and Grandpa Jernigan.
29. Wanted to find out the sex of the baby, but was really glad we didn't so that Daddy could tell everyone in the waiting room It's A Girl!
30. Shot a porcupine in Shelton and it is stuffed in our garage.
31. Played the trumpet in the 5th grade, while Mommy played the violin.
32. Won $5,000 in the largest black mouth tournament in the world with Uncle Andy and Uncle James.
33. The first year Daddy and Mommy were together he shot a 4x6 on Mom's birthday.
34. You got your Daddy's adventourus spirit, and are a dare devil, where Mom is a sissy.
35. Daddy was always worried about you choking on stuff and took 2 Infant CPR classes, and always insisted we have a nose bulb thing with us incase you choked, and gave you the hymlic last Christmas. Everyone was always impressed with how hands on Daddy was. He fed you first, changed you first, and gave you your first bath, because Mommy couldn't because of her c-section and you being in the NICU.
36. Is really good buddies with Uncle Dan, and is on the phone with him right now, and he went clam digging with us a few weekends ago. Daddy fit right in with Mom's family who also bow hunted and loved to fish.
37. Played football for the Lacey Sirens when he was little.
38. Mommy and Daddy called you Peanut, and Sis.
39. Daddy's first job was at Skateland.
40. His favorite cereal is Life Cereal.
41. If he could live anywhere in the world it would be in Alaska, while Mommy prefers Hawaii.
42. Your middle name is Donna after Daddy's Grandma Donna Jernigan who he was very close to.
43. Loves to play in the snow, especially the hill at Lydia Hawk. He can't wait to take you sledding when you are bigger!
44. You and Daddy sleep in the master bedroom, because Mommy can't sleep through all of your kicking and moving, so she got kicked out to the guest room.
45. Likes to feed the squirels and watch Lami try to get them..he use to have a pet squirel when he was little.
46. His first dog's name was Spotty, who was a chihuaha.
47. Favorite pizza is a Meat Lovers Pizza.
48. Was the only Daddy at the meeting Mommy had to go to when I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes in a room full of pregnant women. When we got home, Daddy made little snack packs for Mommy and you that we could eat. He would count out the exact amount of chips etc and put them in baggies so we could eat them.
49. Daddy never thought he wanted to be married or have kids, but now that he is, he wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.
50. Always says to Mommy every day, "Have I told you how much I love you today." Without fail, every day he says it to Mommy for as long as we have been together.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Weekend to Remember in Prosser

This last weekend since Jeramy was going fishing with buddies on the Grande Ronde River, I got the chance to spend some time with my cousins East of the mountains. First stop was to Katy's where not only her 4 kids were there, but Emily's 3...soon to be 4 (as she was in Las Vegas) and my 1. So 8 kids in total. I do not know how Katy did it all week...what a stud..I almost broke down the couple of times that I was left alone with them for short periods of time.
After Katy's I got a chance to go visit my Aunt Marlene who is my Grandma's sister and learn more about my grandma that I never thought to ask when she was alive. Such as where she was born...Pacific Beach and that Aunt Marlene was the only one who wasn't born at home. That she went to Olympia Highschool until she dropped out to go work for the telephone company, I learned about her 2 best friends, Dorothy Darcunans and Ruth Jackson, who took her to a dance where she met my Grandpa, He had just returned from the war and recovery from an injury he sustained in his hand. So he went out and bought a fancy suit, but then got in a fight at the dance either over Grandma or about his hand...at any rate Grandma ended up taking him home lol. My Grandma would always tease Aunt Marlene when she was little and upset by saying "Rip A Tip A Now" and would occassionally do so as adults because they were so close. I learned out of all of my Grandma's siblings there were 3 that went by their middle names, Albert "Gene", Helen "Patricia" and Alice "Marlene." And Uncle Buster got his first name because when he was born he didn't cry and the doctor patted him on the butt and said, "come on Buster cry," Grandpa Duncan use to call Thelma "Bill" most likely from his desire to have a boy and his friend Bill. She later drown whe she was only 13. The family moved around alot but Duncan Eddy still holds the world record for the amount of shingles sawed in an 8 hour period..that has still not broken to this day.

It was just really nice to spend this time with Aunt Marlene and learn about not only her and Uncle Roy as well as numerous questions I never thought to ask about my grandma until it was too late.. It dawned on me that I didn't know much about my Grandma until it was too late, so I am fortunate to get a front row seat to the show.

I would encourage all of you to find out as much as you can about the people you care about so that someday you can pass those memories off to the ones you love.

I was so busy this weekend I didn't think to take any pictures, hopefully Auntie Katy took some she can send. But here are some pictures of pictures with my Grandma in them.

Let's see other than that things are going great. Jeramy is working more, and Sage is trying to work us over more, and for the most part getting away with it. It is really hard sometimes to keep a straigh face when she argues with you when she is in trouble. Also, when she was little I was so OCD about anti bacterializing everythingn she would touch...even public toys such as at Chuck E Cheese, I'd always always wash her hand with the countless hand sanitizer I would have on me...never EVER let anything go in her mouth...now, not so much :o) I guess we are all growing up....now I just need to reclaim my spot in my bedroom from her because she (and he) likes to cuddle with his daddy.