Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I know I know...Grey's

I have been a bad blogger lately, but I have a reason...my poor baby has her first sinus and ear infection and is on the pink bubble gum medicine, and my husband has been working 12-24 hour days 7 days a week and is now gone for the next 2 working out of town and just 3 weeks ago was gone for a week hunting so I have barely seen him or had any time to myself. I've been staying at my parents house every once in a while so I get a little break...I keep saying I am starting to feel like what a military wife feels like...but hey I can't complain because Jr is making some serious money! Even though he is gone for my birthday during hunting season and our wedding anniversary is tomorrow. Such is life!

So Grey's...I had to watch it on the internet so I didn't get the full effect...but I said at the last of last season..."watch Derrick get hit by a bus or something" and that is how it started and then Just Kidding...STUPID... Rose saying she was pregnant and then Just Kidding and stabbing him with a scalpal STUPID. I am glad that the cheif finally put Hahn in her place but that whole Callie story line is just laim! And what is with McSteamy being like Dr Phil now of the group...like he should be giving advice...maybe he will end up with the sister, and George will get jealous. I did like the Army doctor and would like to see him on the show, but how could he just leave the army. I am really getting sick of the nameless interns however. And by the way, I thought the chief was suppose to cut back on work and go back to his wife.

Since I am on my parents computer, I have to use one of their pictures...so they are kind of random.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


So first off, Sage is feeling a little better, thank you everyone for your comments. We slept in the rocking chair in her room all night, so Mom is a little cranky and exhausted. Jeramy will probably kill me for posting this picture, but I could not resist. This was about 2am and the only thing that would keep her from screaming was if we were rocking her in the rocking chair I slept in, playing Hawaiian music and making her bamboo windchime above the chair go. It was so cute and her first cold, I figured I should document it.

Well so I refreshed myself for the new Grey's next week...while I was watching they did a glimps of the new season and did anyone else hear Rose say she was carrying Derrick's baby? WHAT THE HELL...figures, I thought something like that might happen or he'd get hit by a bus going to tell Rose it was off....and then you see Meredith looking through the glass screaming NO. I know how previews are so I guess I am just assuming Rose is talking to Derrick but that is really going to suck!!! In all the weekly gossip magazines the writers have said that Meredth and Derrick will be together for good because they probably sensed that we were getting sick of the flip flopping. I am really uninterested in the lesbian relationship with Hahn and Callie as I really don't like them, so that leaves Dreamy and Christina without real storry lines (Meridith's sister too)...George is going to retatke the test, and I see him and the sister get together, does anyone think Dreamy and Christina will end up together, because after all this is Grey's anatomy so someone has to be sleeping with someone inside the hospital. When I was on bedrest at UW, I always joked that it was like Grey's Anatomy because it is a teaching hospital, so I would have like 8 doctors come in stick their head between my legs as I watched TV, and go over stuff, and they were fellows,chiefs, residents, attendants, interns etc. So when I would meet someone I was like, Oh so you are like Bailey...Well they better not disappoint us, because boy do they owe us for a crappy season last year!!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My Poor Baby...I Need Advice

So I know this is minor compaired to the major truama's at Angie's with all the stitches and bumps and bruises, or the bee stings at Becky's, but my poor darling daughter has a runny nose and can't breathe and Jeramy and I are FREAKING out! We feel so bad for her..we have her sleeping between us on an incline and we both rubbed vics on us so she could breathe it in, we have the cool mist humidifier going, will saline in the morning, and of course my favorite baby item of all time the snot sucker close at hand.
So my question is, does anyone have any other ways to help my poor little girl? Is the Vics on the feet with socks for a cough or runny nose? Does this come along with the teething?
I don't know how I am going to handle it when she gets hurts or is away from me. All of my cousins kids are going to school now...I am so going to be the "volunteer classroom mom" or the one that watches through the window. Everytime anyone watches her they get the hot pink book, with detailed, color coded instructions, phone numbers, doctor notes and developmental assesments from the UW, concent forms, insurance and social security, guardianship papers...everything down to how to make her bottles is in this thing...my doctor laughs at me and says he has never had another mom that did that but thought it was a brilliant idea, incase of an emergency when we are not around. I guess with her bumpy arrival I am neurotically over protective of her. But boy if we get this bad about a runny nose, I can only imagine the first time I have to put a bandaid on! The funny thing is, it isn't just me, Jeramy is SO worried about her too.
On another note, I started playing volleyball again tonight on a women's 4 team. I haven't played in 4 years but it was like riding a bike, after the kinks worked out of me I was on a roll. I went to the chiropractor yesterday to prepare, and OH my gosh what a difference that makes. I never realized that carrying a kid around makes you a hunch back...lol...plus my kid is really light! Anyways, we will see if I can move tomorrow, I figured I better write this post tonight incase I am stuck in a stationary position because my muscles have atrophed...
Again, kudos to you that have more than one child, I do NOT know how you do it!

Sage's 8 Month Pictures

Our little girl is 8 months (almost 9 months, sorry for the late blog). She weighs in at a whopping 14 pounds a mere 5 pounds more than Katy's newborn baby. She is doing so many new things, I think that everyday I call Jeramy and said she does something new like rolling all over the place, feeding herself, doing the Indian call all the time (we use to pat our hands over her mouth and she would babble, now if you do it she does too) and she is saying Mom! I am currently decorating her room in a hawiian theme, because that was the music I had playing when she was born at the hospital, and she LOVES Hawaiian music and can you blame her becauses it is so relaxing. I have a CD of this Hawaiian group I went to college with Little Big Man that plays in her room...it is turning out reallly cute, lots of hibiscus flowers, surfboards as ceiling fan, hibiscus and pineapple curtains with a bamboo window shade and grass vallance, and I used the Hawiian pictures I took of her a while ago to make a Pretty Wahine big collage with palm trees and block letters of her name with hibiscus decals. She has a bamboo wind chime in her room above the hawiian print rocking chair that she loves to listen to and me too. All I have to do is paint one her walls hot pink, and have a beach scene painted or wallpapered on the the big wall...I have a cute frog in flip flops made out of wood that says To the Beach and is pointing to the wall and above that is a surf shack and a little gir face made out of a coconut. I just need to add some turtles (her crib set is underwater stuff). Everything is not all pink so there is a variety of Hawaiian themed print colors. I LOVE how it is turning out and surprisingly I have found alot of stuff at garage sales or on clearance, she even has a cute little lamp with a flip flop pull cord. Got any other ideas?

While I was garage saleing I also bought from a teacher, one of those evolution of a fish so you can see them grow from an egg to fish for her first science fair project (Already thinking ahead). Then we are going to put a bunch of fishing pictures of Jeramy and the different types of fish and details blah blah blah. I know putting the cart in front of the horse but you can never be too prepared...and naturally it is going to be about fish (Jeramy's request) as this is now her 3rd picture with a fishing pole. (Katy I think you are right, she probably is going to be the most professionally photographed baby lol)

Hope all of you are doing good! All of our babies are here!!!! Annika Grace (Joey and Michaela), Cameron Tyler (Scott and Heather), Elijah Scott (Katy and Mike), and Issac Bain (David and Rachel). And soon we will be having TWO more at the SAME time, Emily and Chad's twins coming around Sage's first birthday. Whoopee!!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Not a Premie Anymore!

So everyone around me has been having babies...our friends all had theirs, welcome to the world Carter James, Annika Grace, and Cameron Tyler...and now we are just waiting for my family to have their 2 and then we get another family one in January. COME ON KATY....HAVE THE BABY ON MY BIRTHDAY!
It got me to thinking about how small Sage was when we brought her home and I forgot to order her newborn pictures that we took the day she came home so I went and did that...look at how small she is...then I took a picture of Sage with the outfit she wore in the picture over her to see how much she has grown. And while at 8 months she is only still 14 pounds, look at how far she has come!! Nobody is ever going to tell this girl she was a premie and small.