Friday, May 30, 2008

Within One Week I Will.....


My Cousin Becky is hosting another blog carnival and since what I am going to try and do is kind of boring (because of a hectic week) I decided to post pictures of Sage in some of her fun hats. I can never find cute hats in the stores, but whenever I go to the second hand baby store here I always find them (and they are only a couple of bucks too which is a bonus). I love hats (I am so glad I had a girl) so if anyone knows where they have cute ones let me know!
My goal for the week is pretty boring but it is something that has been piling up on me:
Bottom of the To Do List Stuff : To catch up on my paperwork and correspondense (and a couple errands I keep putting off).
1. Send in Jr's union paperwork
2. Send in insurance forms
3. Send cards to RC, JM, Gpa
4. Replace scrapbook that Lami ate
5. Encourage my husband to put together our new deck swing and lounge area
6. Pay bills
Hopefully I will post a picture of the new deck stuff we got (thanks mom and dad) because I doubt you'd want to see a pile of papers!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I am obsessed with boogers

Jeramy finally let me buy the electric snot sucker for mother's day, because before he kept saying he wasn't going to let me "suck his daughter's brains out" I must say that this is the best thing ever!! It even plays music, but Sage doesn't need it because she kind of likes it. Man this baby sucks boogers out that you can't even see that are clogging her up, and when she had a runny nose man I cleaned her right out. There is even a little holder for all of your boogers and snot!! This has become a huge obsession of mine! It is like a mission I am on, I even have a song "I'm gonna suck that snot right out of your head"
I heard a segment on the radio about things you never thought you'd say, but say now after having a baby. While, "I am obsessed with boogers" made the list, Jeramy and I were also discussing how "smell her butt" was never part of our vocabulary until we had a baby. It is funny how things change!
I must say that I deserve a "Stay at Home Mom's Gold Star" today because I not only spot cleaned the carpets, mopped (twice) did 4 loads of laundry, magic cleaned the counter tops and bleached the nasty yuck on the edge of the kitchen sink, I also located all of my husband's socks that were of all places behind the couch, in the book case, in the rose bush, under the bed, in the garage, and under couch cushions and washed them all (I am going to let him fold them). Anyone that knows me knows that I am NOT a cleaner, infact Jeramy is usually the one who cleans and does laundry, so this was a big accomplishment today! I even took stuff out for dinner and went to Lowes...twice! Did I mention this was all one handed? You moms out there know what I am talking about!
Send some other things you never thought you'd say until you became a mom my way!

Thursday, May 22, 2008


I finally dismantled the diaper cake today, and I took pictures so that I can try and figure out how to do it. Here are some pictures, I couldn't believe how many diapers there were! I have a whole storage tote full of Pampers! The diapers were like a cinnamon roll, with the inner circle held together with rubber bands and then the whole thing held together with inter twined zip ties, and then each level was covered with a baby blanket pinned on. There were rolled together outfits held together by rubber bands on the base and pinned on (as were the bunny animals). The top layer, the blanket was upside down so that the end pieces of the blanket was rubber banded together and stuck up to help hold the bunny cake topper and give it more depth. The base was covered with another blanket and was a heavy piece of a cardboard like piece made of plastic that was very sturdy. Andrea and I are going to try and make one tomorrow.


I should be a writer for Greys. Did I call it or what...Meredith and Derek back together, Cali is a lesbian, Izzy and Alex together and Jane Doe finally committed, George gets to be a resident maybe and might have a love story with Meredith's sister (what is her name), Chief back to his wife, and I bet Bailey becomes chief. I knew Christina wouldn't be gay but I LOVE the fact that the chief finally stood up for her and made Hahn look like an ass! But SERIOUSLY they only gave us 3 episodes...if Meredith and Derek break up next season I am so DONE watching the show.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Oh Boy We Are in Trouble!

Sage's new thing now is sucking her thumb. I was worried before about having to eventually take away her paci and her Bunkey...but how the heck am I suppose to take away a thumb? It is kind of nice now when her paci falls out she just pops her thumb in but it won't be cute anymore when she is in kindergarden and still sucking her thumb. Any other mom's out there have any advice for me? You have to admit though, she is pretty cute!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Within One Week

Before all of her clothes were in boxes and her crib

I got her closet finished...woohoo! Jeramy put in another level and then a shelf on top so now we have even more room for all her clothes. I labeled the month size (thanks Becky) and then labeled the boxes on the shelf (butt ruffles and leg warmers, socks, shoes, hats and big hats). I also got these really cool drawer organizers at IKEA for all of her top drawer stuff (bibs, wash cloths, hair bows, butt cream, medicine, paci's etc.) All of her other drawers are also organized by month size! To finish it off, Jeramy and I bought the dogs a swimming pool. Toby sure loves it, and Lami will do whatever Toby does!
Thanks Becky and Angie for the motivation!!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Becky's Carnival

My cousin Becky started a new carnival to motivate us to do a project that has been driving us bonkers Within One Week. I would love to organize Sage's closet to house all of the clothes that are currently overflowing in her drawers and in her crib. She is finally starting to grow out of clothes. I started boxes that are 1. Our favorite outfits that I want to keep for her. 2. Premie clothes that I am going to donate to the NICU where Sage was 3. Clothes Emily is letting me borrow and 4. Clothes that don't fit that I am not sure what I am going to do with yet Garage Sale, second hand store, keep.

So my goal is to weed out her drawers and hang up outfits and get bins for things like socks, hats etc and get rid of the things I know won't fit her, and put the things in the closet in order by month size. I would also like to weed through the items I am not using anymore and put those in our garage sale, baby store, what to do with pile.

I'd also like to get the house ready for a garage sale too, but that might have to be a seperate week. Ironically our plan for the day tomorrow is to go garage saleing, it is a vicious never ending cycle.

Becky is working on her master bed room and Angie is working on packing up her house! I don't know how to link to their sites, but they are marked as my favorites, so go to their pages and cheer them on!

Thanks for the motivation Becky, I will post pictures of our finished product!


How Jeramy and Sage (and Lami) beat the heat today. BTW to answer some questions on the diaper cake, I got it at 4:30 am because that is what time Jeramy and Dub leave for work in the morning together and I was up with Sage, so it was an early morning surprise!

I am SO sick of all this wishy washy crap on Grey's. Meredith wants counciling then she doesn't, Meredith is nice to her sister and then a total jerk, not to mention all the back and forth with Derek. Derek wants Meredith then Rose. McSteamy is McSleazy, then not, then back again. Calie and Hahn are lesbians they aren't (I think Calie is finally realizing that she is). Jane Doe is pregnant, then she isn't and Alex is a jerk, not, jerk and now not again. The Chief is wishy washy on Adelle. And don't even get me started on Christina....last week I felt sorry for her, but now she is just being an idiot. Does anyone else miss Addison?

Here is what I think should happen:

1. Finally end this with Meredith and Derek and let them marry each other or have her get pregnant...anything to end the torture of the love hate

2. Christina should start a love affair with Hahn (because I hate Callie) and then they would be brilliant heart surgeons and Christina could add another cardio genius to her belt.

3. Izzy and Alex should be together, and Jane Doe should face that her story line is over

4. George should become a resident and not an intern anymore (I love him) and then get together with Meredith's Sister (she is so sweet).

5. Addison should come back and get together with McSteamy

6. The Chief should get back together with his wife and let Bailey be Chief, but he would stay on as a fellow or something so he is still on the show.

I agree with everyone else that I am this close to not watching anymore. I can't believe that next week is the season finalle. Thanks alot for the 3 whole episodes! Can anyone else wait for the Sex and the City movie?

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Coolest Gift Ever

So this morning at around 4:30 Jeramy came in and told me to get up and come look at something...I had just gotten Sage back to sleep so I said, "I don't care if it snowed again (because that is the kind of weird weather we have been having)". It didn't snow. My next thought "What did Lami destory now" Nothing.
I went out into the kitchen and found him and his friend Dub and this. At first I thought it was a frosted that is bigger than our wedding cake. Once the fog cleared, Dub said "It is a diaper cake". My first thought was...Did Dub make this or go out and buy it...Wow...but his Mom Lauri made it. It has diapers, blankets, bibs, outfits, a bunny, and a new Bunkey! Dub even demonstrated that "It talks" I think Jeramy had to clear his eyes this morning too when Dub came walking up the driveway with this (It is heavy). What a neat gift, I almost don't want to take it apart! Thanks Lauri!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

My First Mother's Day

It is awesome being a mom! You get a whole day dedicated to you! Jeramy got me a new King bedset that I love and 3 new filter lenses for my SLR camera so I can take even more pictures! He even had a day planned at the horse track, but Sage has a cold so we decided to keep it mellow. My parents got me a digital picture frame for all of my massive amounts of pictures (she has 3 albums that hold 250 pictures each FULL and a scrapbook and a baby book). His parents got me a beautiful ring with her birthstone and diamonds in it. Oh ya and no poopy diapers either!!

Jeramy and I painted pots for our mom's and put Sage's foot prints on it and made one for me too, and then bought pretty flowers to put in them. I think we will make this a tradition as it was so much fun!

The best part of the weekend was when Andrea was over on Friday. We were all sitting in the living room and Sage started playing with this fishing pole bathtub toy. We were all sitting around and we noticed that Sage had grabbed ahold of the reel and was winding it around reeling in the fish. Jeramy was so proud and insists she is a fishing prodigy!

Being a Mom Rocks! Hope everyone out there had a great day too!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Grey's Anatomy

Instead of my American Idol posts I am going to do my Grey's rantings because this has always been my show...are there any other Grey's fans out there, and if so are you sick of this whole Meredith Derick thing? Do I want the two of them together? One way or another just pick one for crap's sake. I keep reading in my gossip magazines that they will finally end up together (well I certainly hope so since he added Rose to his "List" and was thinking of Meredith.) Yes she is a coward. Tonight's episode made me think...who would have the longest "list" and I am thinking that it is George (Izzy, Callie, Meredith)...I love George by the way, and Bailey. The whole Callie and Hahn thing is pretty laim as is McSteamy's latest issues. I wish Jane Doe would just disappear out of the story line already. I totally felt sorry for Christina. At least this episode was better than the one where Izzy gave CPR to a deer.

And my final frustration of the night...

WHY DO THEY PUT COLLARS ON BABY CLOTHES? I mean SERIOUSLY, it just gets in the way and is always up in her face, what idiot thought that babies needed collars on their clothes?

Hawaii 5-0

So I think I have an addiction with getting her pictures taken, but I can't help it she is so cute! She is 4 months and 2 weeks in these picture. Uncle Dan and Aunti Ginger brought her this dress back from their trip to Hawaii and I couldn't wait to get her picture taken in it. Grandma PJ and Grandpa Jeff brought her back the lei from their trip to Hawaii, and Aunti Jihl got her the glasses! I think we are going to do her nursery in a Hawaiian Surf Girl Theme that will match her dress kind of and do surfboards and have a beach/wave mural painted on her wall.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Deliver Me Part 2

I was watching the show Deliver Me again and got to thinking back on my delivery and my experiences. I tend to be a pretty nervous, anxious person so looking back I am somewhat amazed that I was able to remain so calm through out the whole experience. They said on the show tonight that women who had what I did can have up to a 15 percent mortality rate. Wow, I am really glad that nobody told me that when I was pregnant. I saw many moms come and go on the ante partem ward where I was there over the holidays which can cause more depression, but really that never hit me like it did the others. Andrea and my mom and dad got me a tree, and we had presents and I didn't have to holiday shop (which was a bonus). I was able to make alot of friends who were going through the same thing as me, and was surrounded by world class doctors, which was a blessing (some of which are pictured above). We knew at 28 weeks that I was most likely going to go early and that every day that I could squeeze out would be the best, so the fact that I was able to go 34.5 nearly 35 weeks was amazing. But now as you can tell from some of my blogs the anxiety as a parent has really set in, and I am assuming that this never goes away. I remember right after delivering Sage and hearing that she was fine I looked at the anestesiologist and saying, I am ready for my Valium now, which I think really helped me wait the 5 hours to see her after she was born. Man I wish I could do that've never really been a very religious person, I have always had the belief and faith, but now I truly believe in miracles, and her name is Sage.