Sunday, June 1, 2008

WOW Update

My number 5 (Encourage my husband to put together patio furniture) turned into help put it and your mom and dad's together. So this is how we spent most of our weekend, but I love it! I decorated it and we put in lighting, and I love my new swing, it even folds into a bed.
Since Sage is 5 months now we tried her on some DHA rice cereal. I thought we might get it back up at one point, and she wasn't quite sure at first, but then she ended up liking it! Mom has to get a little better with the spoon though!
And last but not least, Jeramy bought Sage her first motorcycle (even though I think it was more of a present for him until she can ride it) We will put some training wheels on this in a few years and she will be ready to go. For now it is Dad's new drift boat shuttle!


Katy said...

Your patio are looks great! Isn't the first feeding fun, it is so fun to see how they react to the yummy (yuck) cereal! Glad she liked it. And wow, that's a pretty cool motorcycle! Crazy, how Dad's turn what they want into hey I can get this now and the kid (kids in my case) can use it later! LOL Whatever works huh! Love ya, we need to see you, she is getting so so big!

Em said...

It looks awesome! I remember feeding Avery for the first time, she hated the cereal. Never got to where she liked it! Looks like Sage isn't having too much trouble with it lol.

Becky said...

Your deck looks beautiful! I'd love to have a deck! : )

Sage is as cute as ever! I loved spoon feeding my babies. I can't wait to do it again. : )

Becky said...

I've got the Mr. Linky up for the WOW carnival so you can link to your results. I'm going to draw for the Starbucks winner this afternoon. I just wanted to make sure you get your shot at winning the drink on me.

I've still got deck envy! Yours looks so good!

: )