Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Emily's Shower

This weekend we drove over to Prosser for my cousin Emily's shower that her sister Katy threw her. She got a couple of cute cakes, and my second attempt at a diaper cake turned out prety cool. She got some amazing gifts too. Poor Emily isnt getting any sleep and is having twins so I can only imagine the no sleep to come. I guessed that she is having 2 girls (sorry Chad) and that they would be born on Sage's birthday, December 30th. That would be cool if their birthday's were around the same time then we could throw a half birthday in the summer and get them all together so their birthdays are seperate from Christmas. Sage had so much fun playing with her cousins, and ADORED her cousin Cole. I was so happy to see that she got right down with all the kids to play because she is not around kids really over here, because there aren't any really. She really loved the tissue paper, I can only imagine what Christmas is going to be like. Probably the funniest part was that cousin Eli who is only 2 months old and Sage who is almost 11 months old weigh pretty much the same. Infact my dad who held them both thought that Eli weighed more. I think both Katy and I were surprised when we held the other baby because I forget how little Eli is because he weighs as much as Sage. In fact, if I am doing my math right Joey and Avery are only 9 months older than Sage and they look so big next to her. I guess you don't really get an idea on scale until you put her next to Katy's kids..lol...Katy must have some really buff arms is all I can say. It was really great getting to spend time with Heidi too, I never get to do that much, even though Danny had to call down and rub in that the Cougs won. I got to sing my tootie pants, and I changa her diaper, and my boogie songs to the kids that they seemed to love. Cutie Gracie told me I should make a CD and then I sang her Alabalippy cuppy song and she was so proud I remembered. I told her I would add it to my CD and give her the credit. She is so big I can't believe it, and such a good sister. I told her she has to teach Sage and be like her big sister for me ok. I have basically learned how to be a mother from Katy and Emily so I am so excited that our kids are close in age like we were growing up. The top pictures we took when Sage was around 2 months old (you can see the size difference again with Eli and her at the same age) But we took one of us and our first born daughters. I love it, we have always been so close and they are like sisters to me too, and I am so thrilled beyond words that our kids will have the opportunity to grow up together like we did. Now I only wish that Emily could get some rest!

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Sage crawling through the letter U
I mean what the hell?? Inters performing surgeries on themselves, ah SERIOUSLY?...Meredith's friend intern is annoying and crazy, and I hope she leaves the show. That story line was almost as stupid as Izzy performing surgery on the deer or the latest having sex with a dead guy. I want her and Alex to be together because finally for once he isn't acting like a pig, but you can't help but feel sorry for neckless Denny. And they have totally 180'd Sloan, now he is the nice doctor who lets little girls fall asleep on his shoulder and encourages other people to do the right thing. I really like Hunt and hope that the story with him and Christina evolves to better lines than "I think you are pretty"

But the biggest hypocracy of all is Hahn getting booted off the show. Even though I was totally uninterested in that story line (and secretly loving the fact that Cali keeps getting shit on because I never really liked her anyways....oh and speaking of shit on, what was up with the guy having to give his shit up his wife's nose...I got c-def after a surgery and there is no way in hell I would shove Jeramy's shit up my nose..lol) but kicking Burke off the show because he made a gay reference to George and then they kicked off the lesbian. Although Burke and George were real life drama, since when is Grey's worried about writing about what goes on in the real world. I mean seriously, you are starting to lose me again.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Muppet Hair..and Mommy Advice Please

Like father like daughter. Sage's hair cracks me up. It is getting so long everywhere. When I first met Jeramy I remember thinking, "well at least I won't have to worry about him going bald"
So since she is almost 1 year now and mobile, she is testing us,she whines or grabs at something she is not suppose to, and when we say No she just laughs in our faces. We tried quit and stop all using sign language too in my meanest mommy voice, redirection, and a flick on the wrist and she still laughs at us. We always keep a straight face although it is hard sometimes. Jeramy thinks she is too young to start discipling her, but I don't think so, because I want her to know limits....any other Mommy discipline ideas?

Sunday, November 16, 2008

"The Proudest Day of Jeramy's Life"

Since it was my weekend to do whatever I wanted while he was incharge of Sage (we alternate weekends to give each other a break) I of course wanted to catch up on my sleeping, so Daddy and Sage left the house at 6am with Uncle Dusty to go hunting on private property. They took Sage in her back pack while they were out and she also watched Kung Fu Panda and didn't cry the whole 9 hours they were gone. She must be good luck because Uncle Dusty got a dandy. Jeramy came home just beaming saying how proud he was and that his little girl had become a woman. lol...he said that it was probably the proudest day of his life....that is until she gets one her self...lol...what a good Daddy. So much for our wedding day and birth of our child being his best day ha ha...I can only imagine the day when she gets her first one, all of her uncles will be so proud!
PS. Sara and Chris, I told you the first thing he would do when we got home was throw that thing out in he living room and get in it, and sure enough (it almost knocked him out when he opened it)....look at the huge smile on his face...thanks again!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Family Fun and Greys

Last weekend we went to Lattin's Cider Mill right by our house for some cider and doughnuts and to feed the animals. Sage was all bundled up in her elk/reindeer outfit (depending on who you ask) We even ran into our friends Sara, Chris and Mady as we were leaving I guess great Mom's think alike.
Then yesterday while shopping at Costco, Jeramy decided that Sage needed a bear skin rug for her room (even though it is Hawaiian theme) of course when she saw it she loved it and of course she gets whatever she wants. Lucky for me it was only $15.00 and she loves it.
The other pictures are of her new favorite thing, crawling up the gate. It cracks me up because she looks like she is in jail. Also, her crabby hat, she has to wear this when she gets crabby and it always brings a smile to both of our faces.
And finally, Grey's. Ding Dong the witch is dead. Heidi told me that Hahn was leaving the show, but I didn't believe it until I saw it, but what is with Rainman doctor they brought in her place, hopefully she leaves for good. And who the hell was the chick that scalped her back, hopefully she will leave too. The whole Denny thing is weird and of course it is going to mess up Alex and Izzy getting together. OK finally, the nameless interns who are practicing on themselves and doing surgery in the basement on the preview...SERIOUSLY?? what the hell. STUPID!!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Election and Grey's

So I typically try and keep my political voice to myself, and I don't ever think anyone is wrong in believing in the other party or that my views are right and the only answer, because I feel everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, but this election has filled me with hope and pride. Listening to Obama's speach made me feel at peace to knownthat my daughter will see that a minority can become leader of the freeworld despite serious opposition, the value of voting, and how country over party is very important, and that in the face of the worst ecomomy in decades, an endless and needless war, people wanting for change can achieve it. I even bought her the USA Today paper the day after for her hope chest. When watching McCain's concession speach you hear many of his followers boo the new president elect..while watching several political shows afterwards they went back on the last few democratic concession speaches and not one boo'ed the president elect, that says something to me about that party. Even if you did not vote for Obama, at least have enough respect for your country that you will at least give him a chance. Obama's speach brought me to tears because for once I was hopefull...he didn't claim to be able to fix all of the problems right out of the gate, and he addressed all of the people that didn't vote for him and said he would listen and do his best. No false promises, but just the hope for change. Also, when reading my Parenting magazine they interviewed both families only the John McCain didn't show up for the interview so it was just Cindy, and in it when asked about family traditions stated that their family has never spent the holidays in the states because they are on vacation in luxiourious abroad countries. Add to that the fact that Cindy McCain wore a $300,000 oufit and Palin a $150,000 outfit to Michelle Obama's Target outfit and it just screams to me that the McCain campaign doesn't really understand what it is like to be an "average American." They have never had to work for anything or want for nothing. I don't care who you are or what party you are with there are certain aspects of the state of the country, that let's face it are ready for change, and I am confident that change is exactly what we needed. (Also a VP who at least knows that Africa is a continent, as Palin has recently been quoted as saying she did not)

Now on to more important things...Grey's. The new guy really opened my eyes to something I never really noticed before, how the doctors fight over patients surgeries like they are just some science experiment and not real people, so I was glad that he called them out on it! I hope he stays around, and we can give Hahn the boot. She has such an arrogance about her that drives me nuts, and now trying to bully the chief on the Denny issue. Speaking of Denny has anyone else noticed that he doesn't have a neck? It is like his head is attached to his shoulders. I really hope that Alex and Izzy stay together. But probably my biggest irritation right now with the show are the nameless interns, that seem to be only the ones that Christina numbered. Where are the other people's interns, and will they ever serve any purpose on the show?

Sunday, November 2, 2008

All Aboard

Since Sage loves her baths and swimming so much and since it is so cold, Jeramy and I bought her this school bus and a bunch of balls so she could play with it. She is crawling now so I am searching for anything that will keep her contained and entertained at the same time. At first she wasn't quite sure about it, now she LOVES it, and so do Mommy and Daddy because she will play in it for a long time! She is so spoiled, and we already have a hard time saying No to her (we are in big trouble). For Halloween my parents bought her all sorts of books and movies, I can only imagine what Christmas is going to be like for her, and then her birthday 5 days later . We are going to have to commission a toy room, like Katy and Mike have to house all of her stuff. I've been buying her all kinds of toys at the 2nd hand store here. Instead of paying $60 for the same exact toy at the store, I have been getting them for $8 at the most. She already has pretty much all of the big Fisher Price things...lol..but this toy with all the balls is like torture for Toby who wants to play with them, so far though, he knows that it is for Baby Sage.