Wednesday, July 29, 2009

We went to the Thurston County Fair this morning before the heat set on. Sage got to ride the pony's and actually go on some rides with her dad. The guy running the pony's kept laughing that she was a bronc rider because she kept throwing her arm up and yelling, "Go Go", she also did the bronc arm on the merry-go-round. They did the merry-go-round (which she has done before) and and an airplane ride that went up and down. You can hardly see her, but she had fun!
We got her 19 month pictures taken in one of those old time studios. We wanted to do it in Seaside, but there was no way we were going to get her inside, so this outside one was great. She even wore a cute little dress and bonnet. Jeramy wanted her to have a rifle not the doll, and they had a lamp where the Jim Beam bottle is now and Sage kept knocking over the lamp, so I said, "I am ok with the Jim Beam bottle and the rifle in the picture, why not, as long as it keeps her happy and her hat on long enough, then I am ok with it" I took a picture of a picture so you can't really see it well, but it is pretty cute.
The minute we got home we striped her down and let her go swimming in her turtle in the front yard and she SCREAMED when she had to come in because she had so much fun.
There are also some pictures of the Silver's Jeramy caught the weekend before with Uncle Dan out in the ocean. They limited both days that they were out, and I guess they are going again this weekend.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Amazing Daddy

On an adventure with Daddy, look how happy she is

I have to just say that I am so lucky to have such a great husband and Sage is so lucky to have such an amazing Daddy. Since I have been sick he has been so awesome with her and me, and there isn't anything that he can't or won't do. Ever since the minute she was born, he instantly had this amazing connection with her and was totally hands on, even though she was so small, that didn't matter, he changed her first diaper, gave her her first feeding, and first bath since I was laid up after a c-section. I remember him sleeping and jumping out of bed to run upstairs to give Sage her feeding and he sprinted and the nurses laughed because he was such an attentive Dad. Even the nurses in the NICU would whisper in my ear that he is amazing. And 18 months later, if it is possible he is even better. He balances my over protectiveness out, and together I think we make a good team. He just straps her on his back, and away he goes, fishing, hunting, riding a moped, geoducking, and Sage LOVES the time with her Daddy! As I write this now, he is laying in bed with her right now trying to get her to take her nap. It is funny and kind of sad that when she is hurt or fussy she doesn't want me, she wants him (or my mom). But I would rather have that then a Daddy who doesn't do anything. I will say that he lets her get away with more stuff than I would, but she is Daddy's Girl so I guess that is ok. I could not have dreamed for a better husband, father and life that he has provided for us, and if it is possible, seeing him with our daughter makes me love him so much more. I probably don't tell him enough, but he is the man of my dreams, the one I always knew would come, and him and Sage have made my life complete. I am one lucky girl, and so is Sage! We love you Jeramy!! and Thank you!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


It is amazing what Jeramy can do with a baby strapped to his back. Today him and our good friends went Geoduck digging and came back with these whoppers. They are really big! It is funny that this is the mascot at Evergreen State College, so a guy in a sleeping bag bops around at basketball games...and most of their crowd would taunt us with the punching nuns since we were a Catholic school. Sage had great fun with her daddy, I was sad I couldn't go, but I was in too much pain. Too bad we don't like seafood, so he is walking them over to my parents house. What a guy!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Stupid Parents

I don't know if it is because it is late, or if I just haven't ranted out loud in a while, and by all means I am not saying that I am a perfect parent, I know I am an obsessive compulsive one, but at least I am not a stupid one. Nothing irritates me more than when I see neglegent parents. I must not have noticed before I became a mother, but now it is down right annoying. Jeramy, Sage and I were down at Lakefair on a really really hot day, and this girl (who looked like she was 15) was carrying her bald baby around with no hat on and you could see that his head was TOTALLY sunburned, to the point where it was almost blistered...then I saw another group of parents leave there baby in the car seat in line while they rode a ride...I kept wondering if they knew someone nearby who was watching their baby, but nope just the carny. Then I see people who let their kids run on the sidewalks on busy highway/roads and I always think of my cousin Yumi who got so hurt and I get really anxious. Or when you are in parking lots and you are pulling out of your spot and you can't see a kid behind you and the mom or dad is totally oblivious talking on their cell phones. Or when little girls that look like they are 6 years old wear trampy clothes and are walking down the street by themselves. If you do a search with our address there are 103 registered sex offenders in a 3 mile radius. And that is small considering we live in a heavily populated area, compared to other areas near by. This all happened in one day. I am not saying I am a perfect parent, but come on people, put a hat on your kid, don't let the carney babysit them, get off your damn cell phone, and don't buy your kids trashy clothes...geesh!!!
On a happier note, these are pictures of Sage with her shades on. She digs putting them on but not actually wearing them. And this is our neighbor Gianna. She is so good and patient with Sage. Today Sage would just go up to her and give her great big bear hugs, and we were trying to teach Sage how to share her new doll stroller, which as you know is her Favorite, after a couple turns she figured out how to wait her turn. The cute thing is that both Jeramy and I and Gianna's parents call our kids peanut, so they have the same nickname too.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Moped Maddness

WARNING!! To my Dad, I am warning you right now, you may not want to look at the following pictures or video, and I will say that tomorrow we are going out and buying her a helmet! But she LOVED this!!!! Jeramy rode moto-cross and is a pro and very safe. She kept saying Go Go Go, and WHEEEEE....I was inside on the computer and I heard the moped thing he bought at someone else's garage sale for $150 (it is street legal and he can put it in the back of the drift boat to shuttle back to his trailer) fire up in the backyard. Knowing Jeramy was watching Sage, I thought to myself, "No he wouldn't" But yes he did. But I am glad he had her on the backpack strapped to his back and not on his lap or something. This girl is going to be a dare-devil like her Daddy. He is already scouting out the motorcycle with the training wheels. It is going to be interesting to see how she turns out between the 2 of us and how different we are...pretty well rounded little long as she plays volleyball and is a cute little dresser and loves to read, I will be a happy mommy....oh and if she wears a helmet and doesn't break anything!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


We painted the whole thing, doesn't it look good

Her 2 seater Jeep...the one seater is at mom and dads

So when we were visiting in Prosser last month, Sage fell in love with this old spring horse at Danny and Heidi's. It seems like our new phrase around here both with me and Jeramy and her grandparents is, "we better get her one." Hey she is our last baby, can you blame us? lol..But where do you find a horse circa 198o in good condition. So I started scouring the internet and found one in Centralia for $10. Jeramy and I loaded up the drift boat (our trailer) and went to pick up Sage's new horse. I have been also saying I need some slides or something fun inside to keep her busy (because her bazillion toys just don't keep her occupied these days) So I found this rock wall slide thing ( I have been kicking myself for not buying on when I saw it for $20, so was happy when we finally found one). We also bought her a two seater wagon. We figured she loved her bugy so much that naturally she would love the wagon and we were right. Between the wagon and the slide I paid $30. The horse was looking a little weathered when we got home, so Jeramy and I spruced it up to look brand new, and we did a good job if I do say so myself.
Finally, I have to show you what Jeramy has been up to lately. As those of you who have been to my house, you know I love the layout of our house because he can have his "man room" while I got most of the house. Except the Master Bathroom which is decorated in fishing stuff, and there is a picture of Andy, JR and James holding the $5,000 fish. It is a little bother sometimes to look at Andy,my cousin when I am peeing. Jeramy's mom recently came across some antique reels. They have jade and amathyst handles and you can tell they are worth alot of money. We probably got over 20 of them, so of course they are in our fishing bathroom.
Since he is running out of wall space in our garage walls and inside his man room, he is now hanging european mounts OUTSIDE! in the back yard, I do admit that it looks pretty cool, but anyone who drives by and sees all of these dead animals and 2 boats and looks at us like we are well at least the bathroom and our bedroom are mine, and my kitchen. Our cherries came in and so we put up some scafflding to get some, and to hang CD's to scrare away birds. Unfortunately our tree is on top of our garden, so we are contantly raking out cherries Ahhhh men!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Murphy's Law

Isn't Murphy's Law, "Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong" I feel sometimes like that is my life motto. I had my surgery last Tuesday, the cancer part looked good and they got it all, but I got news I wasn't really expcecting. The Doctor said the scar tissue was so bad she could hardly see around with the scope. My uterus was attached to the wall of my c-section scar and my left ovary was "impressively" stuck high up on the side wall of my abdomen in an unusuall way. Hard to tell what caused all of this, but endometriosis would be a good guess. With scar tissue it is a horrible circle, the more surgery you have, the more scar tissue you get. The doctor was amazed that I was able to function without being in excrutiating pain the way my organs were attached. So I have a surgery scheduled for August 18th to have a partial (left ovary and uterus) 29 years old!! Hopefully the right ovary will stay for a long time so I don't have to get hormones or go into menapause. Luckily I have a husband that before all of this happened, and I agree, didn't want more kids. With how rough my first pregancy was, we weren' willing to risk it again because we have a beautiful daughter at home. We had toyed around with getting my tubes tied or his, but then this all happened, and it looks like God had other plans for me. So even though we weren't planning on it, the simple fact that we can't feels different. No more first food, haircut, laugh, walking and crawling, etc. It doesn't make me feel like I want to rush out and have more kids, that part is the same, but the simple fact that I can't beat my health and that my health is now dictating my life, kind of makes me mad. I know there is nothing I can do, but it still sucks. I am not scared about the surgery as I am an old vetran by now, just the finality of what is going to happen. Poor Jermay...I keep saying, what if you leave me for someone with all of her femal reproductive parts to have more kids, and I never can. He just laughs and calls me crazy saying he'd never leave and that he was perfectly happy with the family he has. I am so lucky to have such an understanding husband and father! The recovery time for this surgery is 6 weeks....which is going to be interesting with a toddler running aound. I haven't been able to lift Sage for a week with this surgery and it has been a pain. Thank goodness for my parents also, who had Sage several days.
I guess the good news is, they finally found why I was in so much pain, and know I wasn't just making it up, and we have a plan to try and fix it. So with luck, I will be pain free after all of this goes away, and the mother to 1 really special little girl with an Amazng husband and tons family. I just have a severe case of the blues right now..:o( least I have our Hawaii trip to look forard to at the beginning of November!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July

Sage didn't quite know what to think of this

Hanging out with Uncle Chad

Not sure why Danny has a Unicorn on his head

Layla I think


Serious Hang Time Uncle Norris!

We went over to my cousin Katy's house for the 4th of July this year so Sage could play with ALL of her cousin's. It was so much fun to see everyone and Ben and Angie and their family and Becky and hers, and Mike and Sally. I haven't seen them in a long time so there was a lot to catch up on and I got to meet Little Ben and Sarah for the first time!

It was like 103 degrees outside. So all of the "Big Kids" started what Jane has named...the Cannon Ball Parade. Jeramy was doing double flips, a flip and a twist, not quite he tripple lunde yet, but very impressive. This was funny and I got some good ones on video. We kept joking, "Do you know how many blogs this is going to appear on." I wish I could have zoomed in on the video, hopefully my commentary will will post more soon, I have been trying but this post may be too big and we are trying to get everything in order before tomorrow, so I will post another one with all the funny videos!

Thank you Katy and Mike for hosting such a fun event, and Dana for letting us stay at your house, and Danny and Heidi for the yummy breakfast. I was so glad that everyone was able to come, it felt like old times when we were kids, now we are all the parents. But some of us can still do awesome Cannon Balls!