Tuesday, August 31, 2010

"Baby Carter"

We have been having playdate's with my cousin Andrea's, cousin Amanda's baby Carter.

Sage always calls him "Baby Carter" even though he is only 8 months younger than her. She does the same thing with "Baby Floyd." At first she was a little timid around him, but this last time at our house we got them to give each other hugs and it was the cutest thing ever!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Summer Happenings 2010

We have had a very busy summer after our family reunion, and we also finally welcomed a boy to the Barnhart family. Little Levi. Paul and Jane were nice enough to Skype me in, so it was like I was there without having to drive. Other than that Jeramy was gone working in Montana for a month so we had Nanny Seta (Tessa) who Sage absolutely loved having around helping us. We also had his Aunt Cyndi and cousin Jacey with us too. Amongst everything we went to Lattin's Cider Mill, cruised downtown at Archibald Sisters, the Thurston County Fair where our friend Emma let us pet her horse Lace and Lake fair (where I saw Freddie from Deadliest Catch), Sage was too smal to ride most of the rides except for one (I have a feeling she will have this problem for a long time), the Pt. Defiance Zoo where Sage was really scared of the elephants (you can see her crying) guess that is why she doesn't like horton hears a hoo, Chuck E Cheese and to Forever 21 that opened in our mall which made me very excited, which was fun because Seta and Jacey took her on all of the games, but she wouldn't stray too far from me. Sage also had her very first slumber party with her cousins. We also took the girls camping at the Kalama in the RV, and of course no trip with Jeramy would be complete if we didn't take them to Cabelas, at least we took them to breakfast at the truck stop which has become a staple of our little town. We also took Sage with my parents on our annual Seaside/sturgeon fishing trip in Seaside. Sage get's so excited to see the "round" so I swear we must have gone on that thing 3 times a day. At first Sage wasn't too sure about going barefoot in sand, but once I told her that all volleyball players had to get use to the warm sand she warmed right up...infact I could hardly catch her as she ran up and down the beach, she loved it. We have also been going on bikerides, where I pull her in the cart, but once again we only do it when the weather is behaving. Sage has grown so much it is hard to believe. All of the sudden she started talking in full sentances and singing songs and even making her own up "I drink water, repeat". She can also do her whole ABC's by herself and count to 12 without asking her to. Everytime she puts the groceries on the convayer belt she counts them out, and all the clerks are totally surprised. She still has trouble with some words, for example she calls my mom E-Mom for Grandma we think. Her favorite things to say are. "whatch you doin" and "Sit down right here", "are you ok Mommy" and "come with me". She is still kind of skiddish around other kids so we are going to try and find a preschool she can go to, at least for a couple hours one or two times a week. We have been hanging out with Baby Carter who is 8 months younger than Sage and goes to daycare so he is uese to playing with other kids, but Sage still isn't quite sure. Plus Daddy has taught her no boys, so this may have something to do with it. Since none of my local friends have kids her age (with exception of Sara and Lindsey) it is hard to find someone who wants to go toddler play. Plus this weather has been so touch and go, it is really hard to plan for anything.

Plus after Seta goes back to school I will need some help. I am due to have another surgery that will take my last ovary out. The recovery time is 2 weeks if they do it laposcopically or 6-8 weeks if they have to cut into my c-section scar. Then I finally found a hospital dentistry that will put me under and fix all of my teeth. I have had the hardest time fining a dentist that will operate in the hospital because of all of my health issues and that the numming agent they use doesn't work on me. But finally up at UW they agreed to help me, since I already have a record on file from when I lived there for a month and a half when I had Sage.
We are also trying to tackle the wonderful world of potty training. It is a lesson that both of us are trying to learn. I said to her one day that if she went potty she could have an M&M so she peed right then and there on my foot....I had to give her the candy because technically she did what I said, but I learned that next time I need to be more specific...lol...She is still a little peanut and weighs less than 25lbs...but she is getting there. She is a pretty self sufficent kid and very low maintenance, but when she wants something, she says it over and over "I want to feed the goaps (goats)" I want to see oogan (Grandma's dog Morgan).

Right now we are just watching in amazement at all of the things she is saying, and trying to scramble to come up with an age appropriate answer.