Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Holy Easter

"Want a ride on my tractor, it's a John Deere"

Hugs after falling down

Uncle Dale making sure their seatbelts were on

Carter has the whole reverse thing down

What a good Daddy, he could barely walk

Back from the barn with Auntie A

Mick (from Emily's Dog's litter) is taller than the kids!

Down to the barn they go

Matching Ralph Lauren of course, how cute are they?

Well our marathon Easter finally came to a disasterous end, it wouldn't be a Jernigan holiday without a crazy ending. It started on Saturday when we went to Lattin's, where they hid 40,000 eggs which after the sound of a siren were picked up by the kids in less than 2 minutes. Parents were not allowed pass the tape so the kids went at it alone..it was pretty funny, but it was our 1 nice day so all of the chocolate was melted. We did fun rides and games, and I won her a prize on frog flop (thanks to all my practice at Seaside) The day before a mama duck died flying into our backyard, but her baby ducks came through our fense, so we raised them for a few days before giving them to my cousin Scott. Hopefully Sage doesn't expect ducks each year. The ducks were quite popular, we had Heather, Nick and Grandma and Papa Jeff over, Kelsey and Tony, Sarah and Kayla, Shea and Greg, Joey Michela and Benjamin and Annika over. Then Sunday we did our hunt here at the house, and then had breakfast at my parents, and then went to Andrea and Dale's to have a hunt with Carter and ride on the John Deere tractor. At the end of that visit Sage threw up on Andrea's floor, then the whole ride home (Jeramy had to run 2 red lights), she continued to throw up until 3:30 in the morning, every half hour. She had never really thrown up before so it was a first for her and us. She didn't even eat any candy. The kids were so cute on the tractor...I love how Carter uses his arm to turn around in reverse. When it was Sage's turn to drive, Carter pushed the gas since Sage had never done it before, it was pretty cute! I absolutely LOVE the picture of him hanging on the tractor with his arm up and her running over to him like he was picking her up for a date....those two make cute playmates!! Then yesterday we did our final Easter with Jeramy's family, but Jeramy and I were so tired from being up all night with Sage, we didn't let her have ANY candy.

I have SO many pictures to put up from all of our vacations, we have pretty much been gone or had something going on every weekend from the last month and for another month. We have hit a few razor clam digs, went to Seaside, we are heading to Prosser for a bridal shower, and then next month have weddings every weekend.