Saturday, May 3, 2008

Our Rainy Saturday Afternoon

While Dad worked on putting in new shelves in Sage's closet, Sage and Mommy played dress up naturally. First we put her in her elmo cheerleading dress and she gave Dad some Rah Rah Rah's...Go Dad Go! Then we put on her Hawaiian dress that Uncle Dan and Ginger bought her when they were in Hawaii. I am having her 4 and a half month pictures taken in it on Monday at their special beach scene event. (I said I would only do every month, but it seems like this kid is getting her picture taken every 2 weeks) But something was missing from this outfit so we put on her Nike Air Jordan hat to complete the look. Dad finally made us put some real clothes on so we did the matchy matchy thing...and she looked so cute! We also did some garage saleing and got everything I have wanted to buy for a while, a baby bijorn, robez shoes, einstein DVD, and socks. So all in all it was a good day, except for the rain,


Em said...

I love that Hawaiian outfit. Reminds me of one my mom bought for Avery when we were there. Maybe we'll have to get their pictures taken in them together.

Sage is looking like a little Korean baby! I see a teensy bit of Jeremy in her, the shape of her head, but she's really starting to look like you. Maybe I just think that because seh looked soooo much like Jeremy when she was born and now she's starting to look more like you. Not sure, we'll see

Katy said...

Mia, super cute! Hey I'm getting you a Webkinz for your birthday! LOL