Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Whole Lota Sturgeon Going On

My FISH !!!!!

So it has been a very rainy summer for us this year, but we still went sturgeon fishing. The first time out just me and my dad went, and we hooked a 7 foot oversized that took us almost 2 hours to land. While we were on board there was a camera crew filming for a show that will air on the Pursuit channel in January that we will be on. This last weekend I went down for a sturgeon invitational derby with the camera crew and shot some pictures for them and had a great time, landed over 20 sturgeon that day. It is kind of funny that I am the one fishing while Jeramy is at home. We took Sage fishing for the first time in the drift boat at the lake by our house. She finally got to use her 7 foot rod that lights up when you reel, while we were dinking around with the fish, I looked over my shoulder and saw a bald eagle just a couple feet away from us with it's talons out, I screamed and covered Sage, and the eagle took her fish...she kept screaming.."That bird took my fish." It took Jeramy and I a minute to recover from laughter to explain to her what just happened. Jeramy was so proud that she reeled the fish in all by herself.

We have also been going to music in the park on Tuesday's when it is not pouring down rain. The last one was the Tim Noah concert (I remember him from when I was a kid). Sage instantly went up to the stage and started dancing with a cute little boy. Much to Jeramy's chagrin, Sage is quite the flirt. While hanging out with Carter, they always do cute little things together, but this one day I heard Jeramy squeel and I looked over at Sage kissing Carter...it was SO cute...but Jeramy said.."It's time to go." LOL

Sage got a new swingset too. It took one afternoon, 9 people, 5 dogs, 1 rabbit and a LOT of parts and pieces but she was VERY happy to have her own park in her backyard. Now if only the weather would cooperate so she could use it more.

We are also getting ready to drive down to Disneyland next month with Jeramy's parents. While we were down at Lakefair this last week she had her hands over her ears the whole time because of the noise (she does this as a defense mechanism I think) so thankfully we have a couple more fairs before we go to Disneyland so hopefully she won't be totally overwhelmed.

Other than that, we are just hanging out, going outside when the weather allows us too. It has been such a frustrating summer as far as what to dress her in because it can be 80 one day and then pour down rain for 4 days straight. Hopefully California will have better weather for us!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Our New Farm Friends

Up the road from our house there is a little farm on the side of the road, which Sage calls the
"Baby Mama's". Grandma PJ always stops, so now every time she sees the road she HAS to stop. She recognizes the road and tells me to turn right. The other day when we were there, the owners were there, so we got to go in and play. She just LOVES going there. It is very close to the house, so I have a feeling we will be making multiple trips out there all summer! She was RUNNING the whole time, as always, so she really wore herself out!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Catching Up

I haven't had much time to download all of the pictures I have taken, so I thought I'd do a catch up blog (there may be duplicate pictures from previous posts, but I am just going through all my pictures and picking my favorites). There are some pictures here from our favorite place..Lattin's Cider Mill...they put out 40,000 eggs and the kids picked them up within 2 minutes. Easter ended tragically with her throwing up for the first time and getting sick for about 3 weeks, so that wasn't much fun. We got to go with our best friends Joey and Michaela and their kids Ben and Annika. We always go clam digging with them too. We also got some time in to go clam digging with our other friends Robert and Emily and their daughter Ayla. It is funny because Sage has named her dolls Ayla and Annika. Jeramy and I have traveled to the beach, Seaside, and several weddings. We have been anxiously been awaiting the sun to make it's permanent apperance. Because I still can't drive after I had my seizure, Sage and I have been biking everywhere, which is great exercise, we are just waiting for the sun to stay for good.

Sage has grown up so much. She is going to be one of those kids who hangs out with the adults instead of other kids. She just grabbs her sippy cup and sits in right on the conversation, and believe me, she has ALOT to say. She is definatly stretching her arms as far as her limitations when it comes to the rules. It is amazing to see how her little mind works. We are still working on potty training but getting close. On Easter she threw up and had been sick for about 3 weeks. When we took her to the Dr and had her weighed with a big coat and her boots on she still only weighed 24 pounds. She is such a good helper, and because I can't drive and the weather has been jucky we have had a lot of Mommy and Me time, so I have been coming up with projects trying to keep her (and me sane) including ItsyBitsy Yoga, which I found is not too relaxing with both the dogs and a toddler jumping on me. But she still has her 3 year old quirks...trying to say No to us, spitting, tantrums etc. The other day Jeramy flushed one of the dead fish down the toilet in front of Sage, well when we tried to explain what happened she clearly wasn't getting it, so we said it was like Nemo and going to the ocean, well that backfired big time because then she was scared to sit on the potty, then we tried the truth telling her the fish died, and the tears came, and we said "oh for Pete's sake, just go get her a new fish" Jeramy and I are really trying to figure this whole parenting thing out too. Like when she had her underware on when we were in the car and kept asking if she had to go potty and she would say yes, and then asked if Dad should pull over and she'd say no, and then vice versa. We usually tell her to relax and go when we are at home, and she said she was going to relax, and Jeramy and I said...no no..you have to tighten up and hold it in, we looked at each other and just laughed because we were so clueless as to how to tell her without damaging or confusing her. Another funny example was when she had the handsanitizer in her room and we were trying to figure out if she had eaten any of it and explaining how although it looked like jelly (PBJ) she couldn't eat the hand sanitizer, she kept saying they looked the same how was she suppose to know...Jeramy and I looked at each other and just laughed trying to figure out how to explain that one, because she doesn't know any better, it is our job to teach her. I can see the benefit sometimes of having another child, so they can play together and learn from one another, but I honestly don't know how they do it. When Sage was throwing up, which was her first time ever, Jeramy ran 2 red lights and we were armed to the T's with puke buckets on both sides of our bed and were worried sick! We kept saying, how do people do this with more than one kid, because we were so worried. Then with the stop and go in the car potty training, we joked that if we had more, it would take us a week to go anywhere. This is just as much a learning process for us as it is hers. There has to be a pendelum of where she should know better vs we should know better and teach her, and we are teetering on that right now.

If you could call this our summer with 70 degrees one day and raining the next, we are really modifying some of the things we do. Sage is use to getting wet and dirty (thanks to Auntie Heather for teaching her how to make mud pies), but her new favorite thing is the pool. I didn't realize how important the pool was when vacationing. Everywhere we go, we have to make sure that there is a swimming pool. We went digging with mom and dad, then the next weekend the 3 of us went to Seaside(of which no trip would be complete with out riding the "round" she would give th guy a high 5 everytime she went around), then the next weekend we went to Ocean Shores with our friends and to my bestfriend since 4th grade's bachelorette party while we were there, we were suppose to go this weekend to my cousin's wedding but I was taken to the ER by ambulance again the day before. We have also gone to the Woodland Park Zoo with my parents, and of course Cabelas on a weekly basis (which I am not sure if it is her choice or Jeramy's). We go to Lattin's alot, and also to Auntie A's to feed their goats...she is so brave, sometimes it scares me. Her new defense mechinism is to cover both her ears..if something is loud, scarey or out of the norm, she covers her ears...hopefully this will pass. Unfortunately her pediatrician, who is the father of one of my really good friends is retireing after 32 years, so we are looking for a new pediatrician if his replacement isn't a good fit. We were wanting her to eventually go to a woman Doctor, so this might be a good thing.

Uncle Sagagi (Korean for SOB, but what Sage calls him) was Santa Clause at the Korean Church, we thought she might be afraid of Santa, but she RAN up to Cabelas Santa and then to Sagagi..I even got in on the action and asked "Santa" to make good on the promise he made when he lost a bet to me (who could name all of the States, and I won) his punishment was to change a diaper...he kept putting it off as long as he could, but then we got him...you'd think the expression on his face would suggest that it was aweful, but it was a totally dry diaper. Emo (AKA MoMo) and Sagagi took care of the baby ducklings that came into our yard...that is until they "flew off to find their Mommy"

Another, major milestone was getting her hair cut. Jeramy was adament about NOT letting her cut her hair because that was the hair she was born with..but because it was so long we decided it was time and took her to Jack and Jills. At first she was traumatized and both Jeramy and I had claw marks on our necks from her not letting go of us, but once we got a sucker and sat in the cool jeep, our baby finally got her hair cut, and we got a lock of it. It was pretty hard on Jeramy, but he made it through. Now whenever we drive by there, she points it out as the place where she got her hair cut. She likes to tell Daddy, "You need a haircut Daddy" and then pretends to do it herself, therefore, we have hidden all the scissors in the house. We call her Bossy Bessy because she likes to boss everyone around!

As for us...Jeramy has gotten the chance to go fishing a few times...not as much as he did before, but still some. He also got to go to the Oak Creek Feeding Station shed hunt with some of his friends and Uncle Dale and Dale's brother's. He didn't end up with any this year, but Dale got 5 or 6 really really nice ones and they had a great time. He has really had his hands full with her and me being sick all of the time. As for me, I have had to rely on everyone else for rides, but got to enjoy some girl time with my great friends Malea, Sara and Jessica to get ready for my good friend Kerry's wedding. I've also been enjoying riding my bike with Sage when the weather is nice, along with the yoga.

With all the craziness around the holidays, we decided to do a low key afair at Dirty Daves with immediate family, and then celebrate in the summer. I am thinking I will do it around Sand in the City, that way if people come from far away with their kids, we will have something fun to do...which reminds me, I better get on that!

We joined KinderMusik and did a few classes. Jeramy went with me and was the only husband there. He is such a good Daddy and Husband..he has been taking care of his girls really well. He laughs that he now has 2 girls telling him what to do.."Slow down Daddy, you are wearing that Daddy? Where are you taking me? Are we there yet?" But he handles it like a pro!

For mother's day, I just wanted to get away for the night at a hotel in town since I haven't been on my own since the seizure, it was a great place to recharge. We went to the zoo with my parents and she loved seeing all of the zebras and giraffes etc. Auntie Heather also taught her how to make mud pies (thank you for that) so she really likes getting dirty and playing in the mud. We have made several trips to the beach and she just RUNS! she chases the birds and loves jumping in mud puddles and heading out to the ocean. She has gotten very good at razor clam digging! She spots them, let's us dig them and then throws them in the bag. She is our outside girl! I can see the benefit of having more than one child at this age, so they could have someone to play with and learn from, but I am amazed as to how they do it, since one keeps us on our toes.

Well hopefully I will have time to download some more pictures, and hopefully this sunshine will decide to stay for good and I will have more exciting pictures to post!