Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sage's 1st Birthday Party Teaser Photos

This Saturday we had Sage's first birthday party at Uncle Sagagie and Emo Hettie's house. We probably had around 40 people there for the korean feast. First we dressed her up in my old Korean Dress, and me and my mom and Hettie also wore traditional dresses for pictures. Our friend and photographer Steve Schmidt of Oly Photos, who did our engagement, wedding, newborn pictures, 6 month pictures, and now her year old pictures came, I know I know, what other baby has her own professional photographer, but we love Steve and wouldn't ever trust anyone else. So she had several wardrobe changes. About 40 friends and family came to share in the miracle of our little girl. However, come cake time she wasn't having it. She cried an cried and then when mommy and daddy held her, mommy decided to get even with daddy for our wedding cake and smashed cake in his face, but he got me when I wasn't looking. She is such a very loved little baby surrounded by people who love her. I will post more pictures when we get Steve's back but thought I'd give you some teasers. We were able to get 4 generation pictures with Jr's family and you can see the one in her korean dress which was my old dress when I was her age. And what party wouldn't be complete without some billy bob pacifiers with teeth. lol.
More to picture to come. Thank you to everyone who came for your generous gifts for Sage.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Tis the Season to be Jolly

She looks so mad at us here

I think she liked the paper more than the gifts

Stealing Uncle Nick's (empty) Coffee Cup

We have been snowed in all week and there is more to come. We have already commensed our Christmas marathon and now birthday mayhem. We did Christmas Breakfast early with Jr's family on Sunday, tonight at my parents, tomorrow AM here and then to Jr's Mom's, then the Holman XMAS, then a party on Friday Night and Sage's birthday party on Saturday. This morning I cooked 5 quarts of Papa Bill's carmel corn, 2 dozen recces peanut butter cup brownies, and 2 chocolate pies all before 9am. Sage helped me by holding the collander. Right now I am trying to put her in her crib for her nap and let her fall asleep on her own, but she is not having it. I have a camera in there so I can see her, and now she is screaming much for that idea...

Monday, December 22, 2008

Look How Far We Have Come

She Sure Loves Her Daddy
4 Generations
Her Christmas Costume
Papa Jeff

Auntie Heather and Uncle Nick

Auntie Kelsey and Uncle Lee

I have been thinking alot about where we were this time last year and all the worries, and now seeing what a blessing she is and how many people love her. We are sheltered up at Jeramy's parents house because of the winter storm and I came across a bunch of pictures that I hadn't seen or didn't have on my computer. I just wanted to share a couple pictures of her beginning and end with the pictures of how well she is doing and how well loved she is by everyone in her life. As her one year birthday approaches I just can't believe that it went by so fast and I am so thankful for such a beautiful littlel girl and all the people who love her.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Sage is 11 Months Old..Look How Far We Have Come


I can't help but thinking about this time last year, how I was already on hospital bedrest, wondering how big our baby would be, would she be a boy or a girl, would she be ok, and now look at us. She is absolutely the best thing in our lives and constantly keeps us laughing. She has changed so much so much so quick. She is crawling all over the place now (which made these pictures almost impossible) and standing and walking around furniture and will even stand on her own for a second, I am sure she will be walking in no time. She FINALLY got her first tooth that broke through, I was starting to get worried, so I am finally feeding her people food. ALL THE MOMMIES OUT THERE, WHAT DO I FEED HER? I feel like such a dork for asking, but I don't know what is good and what isn't. I have started her on whole milk, and she eats bites of toast with jam and cheese, and sometimes some noodles. Are scrambled eggs ok? I have read that they can cause allergies like peanuts, in that case what the heck kind of birthday cake am I suppose to get her, tofu? She has quite the personality and keeps us on our toes. When she knows she isn't suppose to do something she shakes her head No and then sometimes will look right at us and do it anyways with a big smile on her face and a mishchivous laugh. It is hard not to laugh and stay firm. She is talking alot too. We have our premie assesment at UW in February because they fear that premies will fall behind, but I don't think we have that problem. She acts so much like an adult sometimes it cracks us up. We gave her some of our old cell phones and she pretends to dial and puts it to her ear and talks, she flips the pages in her book and pretends to be reading, and types away on her little laptop thing, just like Mommy. And she LOVES to dance, we even taught her how to hula since her room is Hawaiian and we play Island music in there.
When I think back on this year, I can't help but be thankful for how blessed we are to have such a healthy, happy, beautiful baby. Merry Christmas to everyone!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving and Camo Santa

We were originally going to go to Nasselle for Thankgiving, but all of us got sick so we decided to stick close to home and visit with family. Our first Thanksgiving was to Uncle Sagagi and Emo Hettie's house for yummy turkey and Korean food. Next we went to Jeramy's mom and dad's house were his Uncle Billy and Aunt Chika were up from California with their kids Mia and Wilson. It is so funny when they visit because I get so confused with people yelling Mia, so I am big Mia and she is little Mia. She is half Japanesse. Sage's other cousins Taylor Bo and Hailey were there too. On Saturday we took Billy and Wilson to Cabelas to look around. I've been wanting to get Sage's picture with Santa taken at the same place every year, and wouldn't you know it is going to be Cabelas, naturally. I thought she might freak out, but she amazingly did really well and just stared at Santa in camo, a perfect fit.
My amazing husband let me have 5 days off, as he was incharge of Sage the whole weekend (I think the first he has ever not been hunting, although he did kick some dirt a couple days and wanted to take Sage up in the woods). I caught up on some much needed sleep and finished 2 books. One by Patricia Cornwell that I have been trying to finish since I was on hospital bedrest this time last year, and I finally broke down and gave into Katy, Dana, and Sara's advice and read Twilight. I had it done in a couple of days and am now reading the 2nd book. I keep trying to figure out what it is that is so interesting to me about the book. So I read like 1,500 pages on my days off. It is funny his idea of a good weekend is going up in the woods and mine is reading, could we be any I am very thankful for him, my family, and my beautiful daughter who is going to be a year old at the end of the month...I still can't believe how fast it goes.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Emily's Shower

This weekend we drove over to Prosser for my cousin Emily's shower that her sister Katy threw her. She got a couple of cute cakes, and my second attempt at a diaper cake turned out prety cool. She got some amazing gifts too. Poor Emily isnt getting any sleep and is having twins so I can only imagine the no sleep to come. I guessed that she is having 2 girls (sorry Chad) and that they would be born on Sage's birthday, December 30th. That would be cool if their birthday's were around the same time then we could throw a half birthday in the summer and get them all together so their birthdays are seperate from Christmas. Sage had so much fun playing with her cousins, and ADORED her cousin Cole. I was so happy to see that she got right down with all the kids to play because she is not around kids really over here, because there aren't any really. She really loved the tissue paper, I can only imagine what Christmas is going to be like. Probably the funniest part was that cousin Eli who is only 2 months old and Sage who is almost 11 months old weigh pretty much the same. Infact my dad who held them both thought that Eli weighed more. I think both Katy and I were surprised when we held the other baby because I forget how little Eli is because he weighs as much as Sage. In fact, if I am doing my math right Joey and Avery are only 9 months older than Sage and they look so big next to her. I guess you don't really get an idea on scale until you put her next to Katy's must have some really buff arms is all I can say. It was really great getting to spend time with Heidi too, I never get to do that much, even though Danny had to call down and rub in that the Cougs won. I got to sing my tootie pants, and I changa her diaper, and my boogie songs to the kids that they seemed to love. Cutie Gracie told me I should make a CD and then I sang her Alabalippy cuppy song and she was so proud I remembered. I told her I would add it to my CD and give her the credit. She is so big I can't believe it, and such a good sister. I told her she has to teach Sage and be like her big sister for me ok. I have basically learned how to be a mother from Katy and Emily so I am so excited that our kids are close in age like we were growing up. The top pictures we took when Sage was around 2 months old (you can see the size difference again with Eli and her at the same age) But we took one of us and our first born daughters. I love it, we have always been so close and they are like sisters to me too, and I am so thrilled beyond words that our kids will have the opportunity to grow up together like we did. Now I only wish that Emily could get some rest!