Monday, December 27, 2010

More Fun Christmas Pictures

Group Hug at one of our stops

One of your Christmas Dresses

You bossing Lola to put her head down which you thought
was really cool
You on your Icky Mouse'd always grab the
weather monitor and use it as your phone or your
camera, so e-mom got you a phone and we got you
a camera

Auntie Heather helping you open up yet another present!

Ring around the Rosy

Ryan and Kelsey were such good sports!

You racing Dad on your new Wiggle Car

Quack Quack Moose
Napping with Lola after a long day of opening presents
Giving Uncle Nick the Monkey Kiss, you LOVE your
Uncle Nick, and still give him "The Face" the most

Our little Monkey Girl is growing up so fast!
Here are some more pictures from Christmas at E-Mom PJ's and Papa Jeff's. We have named you Bossy Bessy because you like to boss people (and dogs) into doing whatever you want, and most of the time people do whatever you say. Take for example playing Ring around the Rosy, or quack quack moose, pulling people with you and saying "Come on". You even got Lola to put her head down and got a kick out of it when she would listen. I mean who could say No to you, (except Mom) you even yelled up the stairs.."Papa Jeff, I need my popcorn". Your new favorite thing to do was give Monkey Kisses where you would puff up your cheeks and want whoever you were kissing to do the same thing...of course Uncle Nick was a prime example, you still do the face the best for him, but now will do it to ANYONE whenever asked. Auntie Heather got you to pull out your ears and open your eyes wide to look like a monkey, which was pretty funny. Halmoni taught you how to say Hello and Thank You in Korean and bow. It was so cute, you'd put both your hands on your belly button and bow your head to the floor. Every gift you opened you would run up and give the person a hug, a monkey kiss, and a bow. You are such a polite and sweet, and most of all funny little girl. Like when we went to Auntie Heather's work and you saw another kid, out of no where you said "Hi Big Guy". It is amazing to see what is going to come out of your mouth, and hard not to laugh sometimes at just how cute you are. Being the only child, grandchild on both sides, neice on both sides, and just about anything, you get alot of attention, which you love! But you are also a very caring little girl...if someone is hurt you kiss their boo boo's and tell them it will be ok, share pretty well for an only child, and are most importantly polite and say No Thank You, Thank You, May I, Please, and Your Welcome for everything you ask for or want in both english and Korean, and you bow, and for a 3 year old, that is a pretty big thing. You don't ever throw fit's, but around 7pm every night, you get your second wind and run around like a nut! You go to church and know to be very quiet and will sit through a whole service without a peep, which again for a 3 year old is a pretty good thing. You do have your moments, but we just have to give you a look, and you stop, or go sit in your timeout chair. You are very dainty and cautious, but also stubborn and persistant. We are so lucky to have such a well behaved (for the most part) beautiful, fun loving little girl who makes us laugh everyday!

Camo Santa

You didn't like your slippery shoes

As usual you get your picture taken with Camo Santa. This year we were a little nervous how you would respond to Santa, but to our amazement, once you spotted him you ran straight for him (good thing there was no line) and jumped on his lap. Mommy and Daddy were shocked because usually you are scared of things like the Easter Bunny and the blow up yard ornaments. After you got off his lap, you made a run for it and got on the escalator at Cabelas and said, WEEE, so Mommy and Daddy had to call Santa and let you talk to him and he told you to listen to your parents, be good, don't whine, and always stay with your parents. Thank you Santa because now she does most of those things. Now if Santa would only Potty train you, that would be great! I have a lot more posts to put up, but we are recovering from our marathon Christmas, plus your birthday is in 3 days!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

This Past Year

Touch Down! Husky Cheerleader
Take That Cougs!!

You always watched the washing machine
when your blanket and toys were in there
and would blankie...then when you'd
walk away you would always be

August when I was pregnant with you
In Vegas at our Wedding Reception

At Heather and Nick's Wedding Rehersal when I was
Pregnant with you. Daddy took really good care of me

Watching a movie with E-Mom and Papa's famous
popcorn after you pulled your pigtails out

Papa Jeff's first deer

At Heather and Nick's Bachelor/ette party. I was designated
driver because I was pregnant with you

RIP Uncle Cyndi

The room I lived in for a month before you were born
We had it all decorated for Christmas. This was a foreign
exchange student PJ had

Aunt Cyndi who we lost this year to cancer at the age of 40

You REALLY wanted that

We lost Grandpa Cal too, along with his sister Mary and her
husband Jack

At our reception, we expect you to smash the cake in
your grooms face like we did, no cute bites, give him
all you've got..I had cake in my ear and nasal cavity
but it was sure fun!

Your Aunt Randi and Great Grandpa Jim
(Daddy's real Dad) She owns Potpourri Floral
I don't even know where to start, to talk about how much you have changed in just a short year. At the beginning of 2, you would talk gibberish, and then one day you started talking sentances out of nowhere. To our amazement you could count your whole ABC's and count up to 30 with very little instruction from us. You also developed a "Diva" attitude and sometimes when people would try to kiss you, you'd give them the cheek. You really kept your Mom and Dad on our toes. Mom had several surgeries this year, so Daddy stayed home to take care of us girls, and the two of you bonded very closely...sometimes it made Mommy sad to see how close the two of you were. We tried to put you in pre-school 2 days a week, and when we'd walk in the door the first thing you'd want were "Tob and Lam" your dogs, and you would cry the whole time...we were trying to expose you to different kids and get a little bit of the seperation anxiety under control. You only lasted a couple months and then we pulled you and signed you up for Kindermusik which you loved. This summer we spent alot of time with Tessa, who you called Seta and got to go to Lakefair, Thurston County Fair, Lattins, Chuck E Cheese, the Zoo, Shopping and some other fun we went to the Puyallup Fair with E-Mom and Papa. That was the other funny thing, we all wondered what you would call your grandparents, we never thought E-Mom would be what you would call your Grandma's. We have named you Bossy Bessy, and Sassy Sally because you try and call the shots all of the time, and you generally win.
We lost alot of loved ones this year including Grandpa Cal, his sister Mary and her husband Jack as well as Papa Jeff's dad, whom you got to visit in the hospital. We also lost our beloved Aunt Cyndi (E-Mom's Sister)to cancer at the age of 40. She left behind Jacey who is a teenager and Adrian who is older.

Again, some of the things I don't want to forget about this age are, and I am sure I will add to this list before the book is published:

1. How you would yell through the halls "Jeramy, get back here" at your Dad
2. How you were the pickiest eater ever, and a stubborn potty trainer
3. How you would tell Papa Ned and Mom, to go take a nap
4. How you would pet other kids on the head like you do with Toby and Lami
5. How we got Anna the Rabbit on our Anniversary
6. Where you'd learn things on TV and need things like your "wiggle wrench"
7. How when anyone had to dicipline you you'd either say "Daddy Coming" or "Emom Coming" 8.How you LOVED pickles
9. How infatuated you were with mirrors and looking at your reflection
10. You were very skiddish about alot of things, and would hang onto us like a Monkey
11. How you loved feeding the Goaps
12. How you'd always keep us to it, if we said maybe we can go feed the goats, you never forgot
13. How you liked to say Baby Carter and Baby Floyd, even though they were twice your size
14. You still did "the face" on command and "too close kiss" and "silly kiss"
15. You still slept in bed with your Dad and would always say your tummy hurt to get him to rub your back
16. You still used your "Bink" when you slept and your special blanket
17. Somehow you would always know what road we were on and what to look for like Heather and Nick's house
18. How you loved to Skype with people
19. How somehow every time you got on my computer you reprogramed it or got to the exact program you wanted, where I couldn't even figure it out
20. You still LOVED going to Cabelas with your Daddy and had the run of the place
21. Your favorite TV shows were, Wow Wow Wubbzy, Dora and Diego, Max and Ruby, Team Umi Zoomi, Curious George, Miss Spider's Sunny Patch, Franklin, Little Bear
22. When you would call Alvin and the Chipmunks the "Skunks" I want to watch the "Skunks"
23. How you knew Uncle Wayne, Uncle Dusty and Uncle Jared whenever they came over and always wanted to talk to them on the phone, and say, "What You Doin" Hunting? Did you get a big one?
24. How you adored your Uncle Sean and would climb on him like a jungle gym
25. Tonight when you had a blow out diaper up your back and Daddy was changing you you said, "Do you want to see it, Do you want to see my poopy Mommy" Daddy and I couldn't quit laughing.
26. When we put our Christmas tree up and had the Angel on top, you asked us why the tooth fairy was up there.
27. When we say "thanks for being such a good kid" you always said "no problem"
28. How you would hold your finger up and wiggle it and say "No No No" when we weren't singing the right song.
29. You loved singing itsy bitsy spider, twinkle twinkle, and running through the house screaming EIEIO
30. How when we tried to teach you duck duck goose, you decided "No No No" It is Quack Quack Moose, so that is what we went with.