Thursday, April 30, 2009

Another Great Score

So we got another sweet score and sent the other playhouse over to my parents house. For $50 bucks we got another house and a tugboat sandbox/ball pit. The house is a little bit smaller but has more stuff. The seats on the outside fold out so you can host a picnic. There is till the sink and table and chairs etc, even a place to plant some flowers. On the address part, I used some of my scrapbookin letters to spell out SAGE and then waterproof and glued them on there.
The other tugboat is really cool too. I will probably make it into a ball pit since I am not too excited about the sand. It has a cover on it, so hopefully the balls won't get wet. On the front of here I put "Captain Sage Jernigan" and then sealed them too. This weeend the fairgrouns is having a garage sale that mom and I are going to hit up. But now she has awesome playhouses at my house and at my mom and dad's. Spoiled little girl!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

W.O.W Update

So my challenge for the week from my cousin Becky was to get 2 rooms cleaned, before we went to Ocean Shores. Sage's bedroom had boxes and boxes of clothes that don't fit her anymore or yet so I decide to reagrange each drawer according to size. In doing so I actually labeled the outside of each drawer so that peole could see where the right sizes and items went. So far this has helped alot. You can go here to see the pictures of before. But right when I was done with that Andrea brought Heidi's kids clothes in 2 HUGE boxes. We are talking gap, gymboree, ralph lauren, etc. So very expensive and I am extreemely grtaeful. I even got all of these sorted and put away.
The other was to clean out our guest room that had become a catch all. I even washed down the bedding, so now it is ready for guests!
It feels good to have these projects done...I even have all of our vacationing clothes washed and put away (which amounted about 8 loads). I also washed and vacummed the beach out of my car!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Clam Digging with the Family

This last weekend we met our cousins Katy and Mike and their kids Gracie, Cole, Joey and Eli at Ocean Shores to dig for Razor Clams and we had SO much fun. Saturday Jeramy and Sage and I met our friends Joey and Michaela and their kids Ben and Annika to go a secret beach, while Katy and Mike slept in because they didn't get to the hotel until 4am on Friday. Sage was so bundled up se reminded me of the kid on a Christmas story who couldn't put his arms day was kind of miserable because it was really windy and I had Sage on my back so I couldn't really do anything and she was crying. Once we got our limit we went and got Katy and Mike and the kids and helped the kids dig their limits out in front of our hotel. Then we took the kids to the pool. Sage loved swimming with her Daddy and I of course loved dressing her up in her little suit with a matching clip.
The next day was beautiful. I decided to put Sage in her stroller and the 9 of us went out to get some clams. This day I actually got to get down and dirty, I got my limit and then helped Gracie get was really nice to have her there to help me pull the gun up and she plucked the clam out. Sage hung out with Eli in the strollers. All of us had so much fun together, and everyone limited each day! Then we ran into our Uncle Terry and Aunt Marie and cousins Hailey and Taylor, and then further up the beach we ran into John and Heidi and their family. What a small world!
At the end of our trip we were really sad to leave because the weather was so beautiful, but we had to take the clams to my dad to clean and keep most of them because ironically after all of that we don't really even like then wash my car to get all of the sand and cheerios out.
Thanks for a great weeked Katy and Mike and kids, we had a blast!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Garage Sale's Rule

Sage and I usually hit garage sales on Friday mornings because they usually open early and it gives us something to do. This is our latest score and she loves it. I got it for $30 and looked it up online and it was $599. It has a kitchen and table and chairs inside. We are also getting her a tug boat that has a sandbox/ballpit from his aunt and uncle, and a matching house to go at my mom and dad's naturally. What a spoiled little girl.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Within One Week (actually 3 days)

My cousin Becky is hosting another Within one Week, but my goal this year is to have it done by the weekend. I have a list of goals each day that I want to achieve, but the 2 top priorities are to clean out Sage's bedroom and the guest room. Since Sage doesn't use her room much (except I am praying today she will take a nap in it, it is our first try) it has become a stoage unit. I emptied out all of the clothes that don't fit her into boxes and put the new stuff that people have given us in the drawers. What was left behind were tubs and boxes of clothing, if you can believe all of those tubs are filled with clothes that don't fit and I am getting ready to garage sale. I even sorted them by brand for easy pricing when we do decied to do the garage sale.
The second goal is to clean out the guest bedroom and get rid of the junk that we don't need anymore and put in the garage sale pile. We just got a smaller captains bed in there with more drawer space, but we also have one of those things you hang upside down on to relieve tension in your back so it doesn't leave much space, plus all of my craft stuff is in this room also, so a quick tidy in here is one of my goals as well. Wish me luck! I will post after pictures. Be sure to visit her site and encourage all of the other people who are participating. Last year I got a bunch of encouragement to help me finish organizing her closet and drawers, and I am SO thankful for it!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Steel Magnolias

Sage has a beautiful Magnolia tree that is outside of her bedroom window. I love this tree, so while the weather was nice today we went and did a photo shoot in the front yard and enjoyed it's shade.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Update on the Jernigans

So I realized I hadn't really done an update on what we have been doing lately, mostly because Sage is now walking and climbing and getting into everything, which doesn't leave me much time for a whole heck of a lot. She is probably 20 pounds now at 16 months and says so many words it is funny to hear her say "I didn't do it" and then expect me to wonder who are also trying to get her to eat adult food but she is SO picky, it seems all she wants are fries, hamburgers or pizza (wonder where she got that) But seriously she will only eat certain of the same food no fruits or vegis and I have tried it all over and over, she doesn't even like juice so if you have any suggestions. I can put all of her hair in a pony tail now as she has so much of it, but her dad still won't let me cut it and I agree, I don't think I want to deal with bangs, so we are letting her grow it out, for now she looks like she has the donald trump doo. She also FINALLY got a cousin on this side of the mountain when Andy and Carol welcomed baby Floyd Henry Holman into the world weighing 9 pounds 3 ounces and looking like his daddy. Since they live in the San Juan Islands, Carol was with Cait and when they got the call, Andy drove his own boat across to make it in only wish they lived closer. Well, when the sun decided to come out we headed out doors. We went to Prosser to visit and go to the father daughter dance and of course stop at the feeding station to see the elk. We took Sage to the zoo and North West Trek. Jeramy and his friend "Uncle Fro" bundled Sage up and put her in the pack and hiked up into the mountains looking for sheds, she loved it! For easter she got a little pink car that has a handle behind it so we've been going to the farmers market alot and getting our garden ready. Other than that we are just waiting for the sun to finally decide to stick around so we can start playing outside.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Things that Annoy me as a Mother

So before I had kids I didn't really realize how much certain things would bug me that didn't before. So for example, when teenage kids go into the handicap stall for no reason and I have to wait because I have my stroller with me. Or like the other day when we were at North West Trek I was changing Sage's poopy diaper when this woman was literally in my ear telling me to hurry the f--- up (and I was going really fast, Sage had 4 layers of clothes on and I was under a minute and a half) she kept getting in my ear and telling me to hurry hurry the f--- up, hurry hurry, I even offered to split the table with her. Finally I told her that unless she wanted Sage's poopy diaper smeared in her face she better back the f--- up. I mean seriously, who does that? When I got out of the restroom Jeramy could tell that something was wrong and was livid and wanted to go find the lady and fling Then yesterday when I was at the mall getting Sage in her car seat, getting the bags in the car, getting the stroller in the car, you know all the stuff you gotta do when you have kids, I had a guy waiting for my spot honking at me. I probably took no longer than 2 minutes to do all of these things. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE THESE DAYS? grrr