Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Shame on Me

I have been a horrible blogger lately, we have just had so much going on. I have had a few surgeries in the last 3 months, Jeramy is back at work so we are finally back on our way to normal. SO much has happened with Sage and there are so many pictures I will load when I had time, but what amazes me the most is what a little person she is becoming. She constantly makes me laugh at things I never thought she knew how to say. I can definatly see the benefit of having more than one child at this age to entertain each other because she wants our attention all of the time, which doesn't leave much time for me to clean etc. But I would gladly take a messy house over time with my daughter. She does things that scare me looking ahead...for example when I was chatting with the grocery clerk, I had already ran my card but was waiting to enter my pin as I was chatting away...then the clerk hands me $60, I had a quizative look on my face, Sage had entered my pin number and took $60 out...mind you she is THREE and knows my pin...we are in big trouble. She is just so polite, please, thank you, your welcome, becareful, sorry, and my favorite "No Worries" . There is no doubt about it she is a Daddy's girl, when he walks in from work she is stuck to him like white on rice, but really is there any other way?
I do want to thank my parents SO much for everything they have done for our family, the trips to the doctor, Seattle, watching Sage, there is no way any of it could have been done if they wouldn't have stepped up to help...there is no adequate way to thank them...I guess you are never to old to be a Daddy's girl and to need your Mommy.
Stay tuned, lots to update on..Sage turning 3, fun in the snow, her first haircut, the daunting journey that is potty training, and all her other sassyness which I don't know where she gets from...plus she is a "Bossy Bessy" this girl is use to getting her way.