Monday, May 5, 2008

Just Another Manic Monday

So tonight for no reason what so ever, Sage started SCREAMING....she had just been fed and changed and burped, but was practically turning purple from crying so hard. Grandma thought that the stuffed porcupine in the spare bedroom scared her, so I stripped all of her clothes off thinking she was too hot or had a thread or something cutting her circulation off, but she wouldn't stop crying, I then ripped her diaper off because they are new and thought they were itching her, and sent Jeramy to the store for some new diapers. I then went into her bedroom away from everyone under the fan...still nothing worked. I gave her some mylicon and tylenol drops to see if that was giving her some relief. Then we noticed she had a little white spot on her foot, a bee sting? How the hell would she have gotten a bee sting in the house, but I put baking soda and water on it any ways.
So after a while I got her "Bunkey" part bunny part blankey. I knew when I started giving this to her that I was setting myself up for something that I would eventually have to take away from her someday, but she loves it. I think she inherited Avery's gene of putting the blanket over her face when she goes to sleep, because it seems to be the only thing that works.
So I ask all you mothers out there....what do you do when your baby cries so hard you feel like rushing her to the emergency room? I feel like buying a house closer to the ER just so I am closer than the 10 minute drive I already am. (I don't know how you do it Emily, or your Mom for that matter being so far away). For now everyone is fast asleep, Sage with her Bunkey and Jeramy on the couch with Lami because he had a runny nose and I don't want her getting sick, and Mommy and Toby awake in the dark on the computer...Just another manic Monday!! (It is Monday right?)


Katy said...

Motherhood, we really should get paid for this! LOL Your first of many manic Monday's I'm sure! You are such a great Mom!
Love ya

Em said...

I have no advice lol. When the crazy screaming cry comes on, I just hold her till she's alright. I don't know what else to do half the time. She does love her Squeezy blanky though. That usually does the trick, OH wait, there she goes, she's crying again! Never ends hehe.

The McGovern Family said...

Mia, maybe she just had some gas. We went thru plenty of these episodes, trust me it get better! try laying her on her back when she does this and pushing her feet up and down towards her chest...helps push out that gas! good luck!

Stephanie said...

After ruling out sickness and gas and anything else you can think of and trying everything you can think of to fix her, sometimes you have to put it in the 'sometimes babies just need to cry' catagory. Just like us they get overwhelmed or frustrated(and they can't call and vent to their friend or blog about it) so they cry. You're doing great, children are a mystery sometimes(OK a lot of times!).