Sunday, December 20, 2009

For (Great) Grandpa

Jeramy's Grandpa, who had been an Olympia Fireman for 30 years, passed away surrounded by family. The night before he died the Christmas Santa Firetruck passed our house and we were able to show Grandpa the video which he loved. This is also a video of them at the zoo a few years ago, and of Jeramy, Sage, and his Mom and Dad putting up ornaments. When I walked out of the room at the hospital I saw a stocking that said Pat H (my Grandma). It is the signs, the firetruck, the stocking, that lets us know they are always with us. We love you!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Potty Time!

This is what I found while stumbling into the kitchen. While we have not officially started potty training yet as we are still tring to win the crib wars, we moved her potty seat into the livingroom or kitchen so she can sit on it and get use to it with no pressure. Guess this is her idea of using the potty!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Santa from Cabelas and THE FACE

So of course we did our Santa pictures at Cabelas again this year. I was a little fearful going in that Sage would freak out, but her and Santa bonded over their matching outfits and she did great, no tears or anything. In fact she kept going back to talk to him while we were waiting for our picture. Here is a picture of her dress and hat that my mom got her, as well as her Seahawks cheerleading outfit that she wears on Sundays, because we all know they could use the help. She wore her Husky's cheerleading outfit (because you know she is a born Husky) during Apple Cup and to all of my Cougar friends and family, we all know that that did the
Also, lately she has been doing this thing we call "the face" it is SO funny and if you ask her to do the face she will do it to anyone. Last night she had the nurses laughing. It really is super funny, I think we are in trouble. lol
Thanks to everyone for their prayers for Gpa Cal..he is out of ICU and on a hospital floor now. He is a stubborn old man and I think that is what keeps getting him we just have to work on shutting him up so he keeps his oxygen levels down. He is such a proud grandpa, great grandpa and dad that he wants to tell anyone who will listen how great his family is. I am just glad he is out of the ICU and Sage finally got to see him, she was in her santa suit so I think it made him happy!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Future CEO

"What do you need now? Can't you see I am busy"

"No No No, that isn't how you do it"

"UGG I will just do it myself!"

These pictures crack me up...she brought her little laptop and play phone to her table and was talking on the phone while playing with the mouse and computer like she was working. She was very animated at whom ever she was talking to, and aparantly was late for a meeting since the last picture she looks pretty aggitated, or the phone call didn't go the way she wanted it to. Look out for Sage Super CEO someday! She means business!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree

So instead of a real tree we have 2 fake ones. The one I had in the hospital when I had her and another one. On this tree we only have meaningful ornaments that we have made a tradition to buy each year, such as, happy engagement, wedding, bought our first house, expectant parent, baby's first Christmas etc. MOST IMPORTANT ORNAMENT IS THE HUSKY FOOTBALL!!Plus the angel from Grandma's tree. We also have 2 hunting shacks that light up to go with some of our hunting and fishing ornaments. The black blanket is the blanket Grandma knitted me right before she died. We also have our stockings hung on an Elk Rack lol...
We installed a security camera in this room so when we are in the other room we can see her, and put the other wireless camera in her room since we are making her sleep in her own room. Today was hard, she cried for 2 straight hours. Also, at the gym I only got a 30 minute workout (which is the most I have gotten) because Lil Miss Sage was crying and didn't want to play with the 12 other kids exactly her I sat in there for 30 minutes to make her comfortable and I noticed she played all by herself. I don't want her to get the only child syndrome and cry when I take her to preschool and kindergarden, so we are going to go to the gym everyday even if I have to hide in the room and not work out. Wish us luck

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Bah Hum Bug

So anyone that has been to our house knows that there are about 30 dead antlers and mounts from deer and moose in our garage. Once you step inside there are 3 European mount Elk and a TON of elk an deer sheds...then when you step out our back porch there are about 10 European buck mounts. Aside from our 2 boats on the side of the house, it looks like a bunch of savages live here.
So naturally our outside Christmas lights had to reflect our inside decor. So we have this Gigantic blow up hunter holding a rifle and 3 deer. Jeramy wanted to put a pool of blood down, but I put a river and water down. It actuallity it looks pretty cool. So as long as we don't have PETA breathing down our neck, we should be when we have to put it all away, which is one of the reasons I didn't want to do it.

As for inside...I would rather get a fake tree that you just pull out of the this is our tree...this is the one Andrea got me when we were in the hospital waiting for Sage. I suppose when she is a little bigger and won't bother the tree we will get a real one like Jeramy wants. As for me, I am happy to pull one out of the box. As for now, this is the only decoration inside.
I got my Christmas cards in the mail and aside from hanging stockings and doing minimul shopping I am DONE!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

More Hawaii Pictures

My cousins Eugene and Jinny surfing

Daddy trying to get Sage to like the beach

International Market, where they put a bird
on Jeramy's head which Sage thought was coo

Sage finally warming up to the beach with me
Grandma, and Emo Sunny

Here are a couple more pictures from our trip. I also included a picture of Jeramy's new tattoo. He got my name in Korean on his wedding ring finger, now that is love! He already has my name branded down his arm, but at least now this way he can't lose his wedding ring. He also got a cutplug done on his arm too. And I found this picture of me and my grandma so I put it into Sage's scrapbook to show her who she is named after....this is my favorite picture of her, I miss her a whole bunch!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Hawaii Part 1, More to Come!

Sage passed out after a long day!

Sorry it has taken me so long to do a blog, we have been kind of busy. Right after our Hawaii trip we have all of Jeramy's family here. We had a blast in Hawaii. Jeramy who was a little bahhumbug at first loved it and said he would go back. His favorite part was the snorkling, and him and my cousin Eugene rented mopeds, we went to a luau, and he went fishing twice in one day. Sage did not like the beach at first which was surprising, but after a while she figured out the sand and made a mess. Thank god for my parents because Jeramy and I were able to swim way out into the ocean, the funny part was trying to get back...I kept saying, "Am I moving" Unfotunately Sage did not like the Luau either, but it started really late and she never assimilated to Hawaii time. It was hard organizing 16 people, but I just woke up early and laid in the sun while everyone was still sleeping and got a great tan, and that is all I wanted. Sage got to go to the aquarium with my mom and dad and she loved it. She did great on the ride there, but on the way back for about 3 hours was a bit antsy, but all in all she did great. Poor Poor Uncle Sagagi, dislocated his knee on stage at Germane's Luau in a coconut bra and grass skirt, and while being wheeled off stage, rubbed his cocunuts...I think he will post LOTS more pictures once I have more time as we have a bunch of Jeramy's family here now too!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pumpkins,Perry's, and Potty's

Jeramy carved the big pumpkin, while I opted to spray paint the little pumpkin with silver spray paint and use my scrapbooking stuff to decorate. Sage didn't seem too interested. We got her a spider outfit for Halloween and she wore it to the beach when we went Razor Clam digging and everyone loved her and called her spider girl all weekend and she soaked up the attention. Speaking of soaked, Friday we got drenched and after about an hour got all of our limits. Our friends Joey and Michaela and their kids were there too, and Uncle Dan and Uncle Dave and Aunt Donna. Dan got his limit that day in like 28 minutes. The next day was better weather and a bigger tide so I was able to dig my limit in like 7 minutes, which I am now regretting. After a surgery like mine, clam digging probably wasn't the best idea, but my dad got 120 of his favorite Razor Clams.
Before we left, we went up to visit the newest member to Robert and Emily's family, little baby Ayla. Superstar Emily had straight contractions for a few days and delivered a beautiful baby girl naturally. At first I thought she looked like Robert, but then I see Emily in her. Robert was such a proud Papa, and we even got to witness his first diaper change. Jeramy was giving him pointers, it was pretty cute. They have been so great to us Robert is the one who introduced us and they even flew to Las Vegas for our wedding and visited Sage in the NICU. They even got us the outfit we took Sage home from the hospital in. We can't wait to get the girls together and I am sure Robert and Jeramy will take their girls hiking and fishing, claming and all of it. I think every daddy needs a little girl.
Finally, we are going to start potty training after Hawaii in a couple of weeks, but I thought this was a funny picture of Sage sitting on her potty seat reading a magazine.