Friday, May 16, 2008


How Jeramy and Sage (and Lami) beat the heat today. BTW to answer some questions on the diaper cake, I got it at 4:30 am because that is what time Jeramy and Dub leave for work in the morning together and I was up with Sage, so it was an early morning surprise!

I am SO sick of all this wishy washy crap on Grey's. Meredith wants counciling then she doesn't, Meredith is nice to her sister and then a total jerk, not to mention all the back and forth with Derek. Derek wants Meredith then Rose. McSteamy is McSleazy, then not, then back again. Calie and Hahn are lesbians they aren't (I think Calie is finally realizing that she is). Jane Doe is pregnant, then she isn't and Alex is a jerk, not, jerk and now not again. The Chief is wishy washy on Adelle. And don't even get me started on Christina....last week I felt sorry for her, but now she is just being an idiot. Does anyone else miss Addison?

Here is what I think should happen:

1. Finally end this with Meredith and Derek and let them marry each other or have her get pregnant...anything to end the torture of the love hate

2. Christina should start a love affair with Hahn (because I hate Callie) and then they would be brilliant heart surgeons and Christina could add another cardio genius to her belt.

3. Izzy and Alex should be together, and Jane Doe should face that her story line is over

4. George should become a resident and not an intern anymore (I love him) and then get together with Meredith's Sister (she is so sweet).

5. Addison should come back and get together with McSteamy

6. The Chief should get back together with his wife and let Bailey be Chief, but he would stay on as a fellow or something so he is still on the show.

I agree with everyone else that I am this close to not watching anymore. I can't believe that next week is the season finalle. Thanks alot for the 3 whole episodes! Can anyone else wait for the Sex and the City movie?

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Angie said...

Thanks for the moving/packing advice. I unfortunately not as orgainized as you were at 8 months pregnant. I am just trying to make sure that everything is marked well.

We are moving just across town. I will try to take pictures of the new place when we get there. We would love to have you guys come visit sometime...our house will have plenty of room.

And about Grey's....I am so annoyed. I'm sure Callie will realize next week that she's in love with Hahn and then I probably won't watch it anymore. What drama!!