Friday, May 16, 2008

Becky's Carnival

My cousin Becky started a new carnival to motivate us to do a project that has been driving us bonkers Within One Week. I would love to organize Sage's closet to house all of the clothes that are currently overflowing in her drawers and in her crib. She is finally starting to grow out of clothes. I started boxes that are 1. Our favorite outfits that I want to keep for her. 2. Premie clothes that I am going to donate to the NICU where Sage was 3. Clothes Emily is letting me borrow and 4. Clothes that don't fit that I am not sure what I am going to do with yet Garage Sale, second hand store, keep.

So my goal is to weed out her drawers and hang up outfits and get bins for things like socks, hats etc and get rid of the things I know won't fit her, and put the things in the closet in order by month size. I would also like to weed through the items I am not using anymore and put those in our garage sale, baby store, what to do with pile.

I'd also like to get the house ready for a garage sale too, but that might have to be a seperate week. Ironically our plan for the day tomorrow is to go garage saleing, it is a vicious never ending cycle.

Becky is working on her master bed room and Angie is working on packing up her house! I don't know how to link to their sites, but they are marked as my favorites, so go to their pages and cheer them on!

Thanks for the motivation Becky, I will post pictures of our finished product!


Angie said...

It sounds like your little Sage has lots of cloths!! I always have had a hard time keeping up on the kids' cloths.

If you decide not the go the whole yard sale route, around here there are two places (ARC of Spokane and Volunteers of America) that come pick stuff up. I bet there is something like that around there. I've had them pick up a few boxes of my stuff before. It's easy.

I can't wait to see how you do...


Becky said...

Yay! I'm glad you are playing along. I've been so motivated with my master bedroom this week, it's all clean all ready. Now I'm moving on to a little decorating. I feel so good. : )

When my girls were little, I picked up a set of plastic size labels for their closet. I got them at Baby Depot (Burlington Coat Factory). They snapped on to the closet rod and were labeled (0-3 Months) (6-9 Months) etc. It was so nice to have the close grouped like that so I didn't miss anything.

Have fun with Sage's girl clothes are so precious. : )

I'm cheering you on, too!!!! "Go, Mia, Go"