Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I am obsessed with boogers

Jeramy finally let me buy the electric snot sucker for mother's day, because before he kept saying he wasn't going to let me "suck his daughter's brains out" I must say that this is the best thing ever!! It even plays music, but Sage doesn't need it because she kind of likes it. Man this baby sucks boogers out that you can't even see that are clogging her up, and when she had a runny nose man I cleaned her right out. There is even a little holder for all of your boogers and snot!! This has become a huge obsession of mine! It is like a mission I am on, I even have a song "I'm gonna suck that snot right out of your head"
I heard a segment on the radio about things you never thought you'd say, but say now after having a baby. While, "I am obsessed with boogers" made the list, Jeramy and I were also discussing how "smell her butt" was never part of our vocabulary until we had a baby. It is funny how things change!
I must say that I deserve a "Stay at Home Mom's Gold Star" today because I not only spot cleaned the carpets, mopped (twice) did 4 loads of laundry, magic cleaned the counter tops and bleached the nasty yuck on the edge of the kitchen sink, I also located all of my husband's socks that were of all places behind the couch, in the book case, in the rose bush, under the bed, in the garage, and under couch cushions and washed them all (I am going to let him fold them). Anyone that knows me knows that I am NOT a cleaner, infact Jeramy is usually the one who cleans and does laundry, so this was a big accomplishment today! I even took stuff out for dinner and went to Lowes...twice! Did I mention this was all one handed? You moms out there know what I am talking about!
Send some other things you never thought you'd say until you became a mom my way!


Em said...

Wow, You did do a lot today! I did the usual, laundry, dishes, OH, but I did scrub the bathrooms today too, that's one of my once a week jobs that I got done today.

Those pictures crack me up, it looks like she's terrified of that contraption lol. I love it

Let's see, something I never said before I came a mom... "I don't care if she poops on the carpet she's got a diaper rash and I'm not putting a diaper on her..." or maybe "So I have pee on my jeans, whatever"

OH, and about Seaside, I would love to!! But with gas the way it is I'm not sure if I can. I'll let you know that. I'll talk to Chad and see what he says.

Stephanie said...

We've said some things... you can't make some of that crap up! But the winner would be just the other day as Jeff brought the baby in, both hands captured, and I had to ask him.... (are you ready?) .... "she didn't put that mouse in her mouth did she?!!!" (She didn't, but it didn't make the situation any less disgusting, believe me...)

Parker's Mom said...

Boy - I think we had the same kind of day! Dishes, laundry, clean pee off the floor (not sure if it's dog or human!). A mother's life is never dull.

I think the strangest thing I've had to say since Parker came along was "get your finger out of your bottom!". EEEWWW! The other, that has to be said on a regular basis, is "quit sitting on the dog"! I LOVE having a boy!

Katy said...

Okay here's your reward for Mom of the Year! You get to do it all again tomorrow! LOL No really I'm impressed! Something I never said before I had kids hmmm...It's all so normal now, I can't think of what it may have been lol. Did I used to say "here, let me get that booger." or "lately it's been please Joey poop for me buddy" LOL wierd huh. The really wierd thing is that when you are surrounded by other Mom's who say it all too, it does seem so normal.

Becky said...

Wow!! You have been busy! Your booger contraption is cool. I can't think about it too much, though, I have a booger thing....makes my stomach do flip flops. : )

The thing I think is funny is when I'm around adults and forget and use words like "Honey" or "Sweetie" without thinking or say, "I'm going to the potty, I'll be right back." It's pretty embarrassing.

Did you get everything done, or are you up for another Within One Week on my blog?

Love ya!