Monday, November 1, 2010

Pumpkins and Halloween

Worried she is choking on candy

Thank goodness, I didn't get egged, I was sure I was going
to in that

Well we went on our annual pumpkin patch trip to Hunters. This year we decided just to get Sage her own little pumpkin to paint. We were trying to hustle and get through the looming rain cloud that we luckily just missed. Sage loves "Goaps" and while at first I use to be nervous with her feeding them, she is really good at it now. I swear even with this new camera I got she never looks at me when I take a picture, or she is frowning. Oh well, guess that is how 2.5 is. She really enjoyed going down the slide. She had to see one kid go down first so she wasn't scared, and then she couldn't get enough. Even Jeramy joined in on the fun!
We were originally going to go to Eastern Washington to our family's Halloween party at the winery, but I am still not 100% and had been drug through the ringer last week and Jeramy and Sage too, so we decided to stay home but were really bummed we had to miss it because we had really cool costumes, and she could have played with ALL of her cousins that are her age. I figure I only have maybe 1 more year of picking what she is for Halloween so I wanted it to be as embarassing as possible, so she was a giant hamburger, I was a hot dog and Jeramy was a bottle of catchup. I was just happy that I didn't get egged walking down the road in my outfit. I think this was the first year Sage really understood what it was all about, because after the first 2 familiar houses of our neighbors she would run to the next house, and always want to go in or if there were kids have the kids come outside to play. Jeramy (and me too) have always been very cautious of her choking on stuff and we have never given her Candy aside from M&M's as potty training prizes, so while allowing her a sucker, Jeramy got totally panicked and pried her mouth open to get it (which it turned out fine) which is the picture you see of him with her fingers in her mouth. He has given her the hymlic so many times now, better safe than sorry! So now we have all this candy and none of us eat it.

We signed Sage up for Kindermusik and she seems to be loving it. We had to miss last week because I was at the ER and of course it took like 9 hours to treat a migraine, but since my Doctor was out I had no options. So tomorrow we get to go again. Jeramy was the only dad in a room full of women and toddlers...gotta love a man willing to do anything for his girls. He has been really sweet, the other night he brought both of his girls out into the living room to dance to a song he found that said how much his girls meant to him and how we were his whole world. What a great Daddy! But I think E-Mom (Sage's word for Grandma) will be going with me to Kindermusik from now on!