Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sturgis and Cupcakes

Aunt Cindy sent Sage her first Sturgis T-shirt and a cool shirt for Jeramy and a necklace for me, home with Jeramy's mom who was in South Dakota visiting and helping Cindy with her radiation therapy. We decided to wear them all to cousin Hailey's 9th birthday party, where Sage loved the special cupcake that cousin Hailey made especially for Sage.

I have also been able finally to put all of her hair in a pony tail. Can you believe that my baby is 18 months old today? We bought her her first potty chair, one that she can sit on, goes onto the toilet, and then is a stepping stool, but I willnot be posting these pictures on the internet, a la Jon and Kate. I resisted the slot machine and noisemaker potty's thinking it might scare the crap out of her (which I know is the point) but it had too many distractions. For now we are just letting her sit with us when we go to the bathroom with her diaper on, and everytime she sits with us. I think after my surgery when I can be consitent with her, I will let her try it at her own pace. I have armed myself with stickers, but I am conflicted about the whole "reward" thing when she finally does start going, because I don't want that to be the reason for her going...but we will see, it will be a learning process for all of us.

Also, I bought the Jessica Seinfeld book on how to deceptively fool your kid into eating healthy food, and today I modified one of her recipies and Sage ate all of it. I used chocolate chip pancakes something I knew she would eat, added purreed butternut squash and apples and a bunch of cinnamon. I added some jam and she ate the whole thing! So now I keep looking for ways to add vegi's and fruit secretly to food I know she will eat. Not quite ready for the intense recipies in the book, but it has given me some ideas. Thanks Becky...oh by the way I found this book at an outlet store for $7 so that was a bonus too!


Em said...

Cool. I may have to look for that book myself. Avery doesn't have a problem eating healthy, but it's fun sometimes to make nifty new things out of healthy food. the potty training will come. She'll do it one day on her own really. All you have to do is let her know that that is what she is supposed to do, and then when she decides to do it, she will. I think there aer a million things you can/can't do with potty training, but really, until they want to do it, they won't lol. Sucks really, but hopefully you're kid is earlier then the rest! Avery is actually doing really well. We still have a bit of a problem with number 2... but she goes pee pee in the potty all the time pretty much now, at least at home, and the onlytime I put any kind of diaper on is when she is sleeping. Ok, too long of a comment. See ya saturday??

Katy said...

Cute pictures Mia! Hey I'm going to post some pictures of Joey on the potty! LOL I think it's hilarious, and someday he will get me for it but that's okay! LOL