Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Day at the Zoo with Grandma and Papa and Great Grandpa Cal and Great Nana Sharron

Inside the giant shark mouth

Walking and hanging out with Papa Jeff

Grandma and her girl (Sage loves Birds!)

Great Grandpa Cal Hanging Out With Sage

Tired Girl

Jeramy's mom and dad and his Grandpa Cal and Nana Sharron took Sage today to Pt Defiance Zoo and aquarium and she had a blast. It was a little bit rough on me a first when she started crying when they drove off....but once out of the driveway she was fine...but I imange that is what it is going to feel like dropping her off at preschool for the first time. I a totally going to be the mom that sits out in the parking lot with

Sounds like Sage had a great time saying "ohhh what's' that, and bird all day" She walked most of the park and even pulled Great Grandpa Cal in his scooter (not really because he was motorizing it, but it looked like it). She even got to feed the birds with Grandma...and she LOVES birds! Thank you Grandma Pj and Papa Jeff for taking her to the zoo...I am sure she loved it. Papa Jeff said that if he knew babies could be so good, he would have had 3 more, so I am glad she was on her best fits or crying, just fun and excitement. Just one tuckered out little girl. Thanks again!! I will try and post more pictres later when I get them.

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Em said...

It's hard leaving them! The first time I left Avery over night shewas about a year and a half old, and she stayed with Chad's parents. i cried!! How terrible is that LOL. It gets easier though I think, especially when you've got a couple others to keep you occupied, then you're begging someone to take your kid overnight LOL.