Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Couple More Awesome Deals

We got another cool score. We got this play structure at the same place we got the slide toy listed below. It was only $35 and I think new they are like over $300. So between her (2) play houses, tug boat, 2 slides, a swing and blow up play house, and her tent/teepee/tunnel thing, I don't think I have paid more than $35 on them. I can't imagine paying $500 plus for some of this stuff, so I am loving the deals I am finding, plus it entertains Sage which is well worth the money spent. My cousin Emily laughs because she says she envisions our house looking like a McDonalds play yard. It is true that these things are taking over most of our it all fits in her living room/playroom and out on our big deck for now. Come winter, we may need to move them all inside, then we are in trouble!
PS. The guy said he had like 60 inquiries about the slide below, and he picked me because of my grammer and lack of spelling errors in my email. Guess it pays to be obsessive about proof reading. lol

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Katy said...

Okay let me give you my list! LOL You are amazing, I think it may be coming an obsession though Mia, maybe you better stop while you can still get into your house! Pretty soon people will be stopping by asking if you run a day care! LOL