Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My Cousin Becky is hosting another Within One Week. Mine is going to be a little unusual. We are going on our annual week long Sturgeon fishing trip with my parents. Last year the fishing was aweful, the year before I was 2 months pregnant and the fishing was great (we caught 30+) but I had to hop into Uncle Dave's boat back to shore because of my motion/morning sickness. The year before I was pregnant, Jeramy caught a 7 foot Sturgeon which of course was too big to keep. So I am hoping that we all do well. It is really fun because sometimes our boat, Uncle Dan's boat, Uncle Dave's boat, and Andy's boat are all anchored up around each other and cheering each other on. These picture were from 5 or 6 years ago on one of our first trips.
But my main goal is to succesfully unpack from our trip upon our return. I am HORRIBLE at unpacking once back from vacation, especially a week long one. So my goal is to have everything cleaned and put away when we get home!


Katy said...

You can do it! LOL Have fun on your trip!

Becky said...

Mia, you are the best! I can always count on you to play along with us~ even when you are on vacation! : )

I have the same problem with unpacking. Sometimes our suitcases will sit unpacked for a week or more. : (

Hope you have tons of luck with the fishing and the unpacking. Wish I was going to be there with you! Give my love to everyone!

Heidi said...

Go get those fish Mia!! I agree unpacking is the WORST! Although, I spent all day packing and now here I sit. Kind of feel like that luggage that sits there for a week! LOL

BRiehl said...

Go, go! Can't wait to hear the results:) And I stink at unpacking!