Saturday, June 13, 2009

New Garage Sale Scores!!

Grease Lightning Jacket :o)

Free carseat, you can use rear facing and forward facing
It is an evenflo and very comfy! Not bad for free!

I just got an email, and WE GOT IT... WE GOT IT for $20, plus they have another outside toy too they said we could buy. We are going to go pick up tomorrow.I AM SO HAPPY!!

Plus I got one of those child locaters/trackers for $20

So I totally scored this weekend. For $20 I got Sage her new inside playhouse that has balls on it. It is about as long as my car and I almost passed out blowing it, I got her a full kitchen set from ikea to go with the kitchen my parents bought her that is over at their house. I got her a Dora throne chair that she is sitting in, plus another Dora couch. I also got her a jumpy ball and brand new Robeez in her 18-24 month size still in the bag, plus some other new shoes. I also got her tons of cute outfits including the jacket I have posted. She reminds me of Olivia Newton John in Grease. I also got her 2 Backyardigans and a Dora DVD. She even got a Dora Backpack that is just her size. She isn't totally into Dora yet like she is the Backyardigans, Wonderpets, and Jacks Big Music show, but I am sure she will love Dora soon. She also got a ton of clothes, including a Ralph Lauren jacket. I also got a free convertable car seat so some babies can sit backwards and then turn to go forward. I got this for free! It is in awesome condition, and I am going to let Andrea use it for when she watches Carter. I couldn't believe that I got ALL of this stuff for under $20. There is a playhouse slide that I really really want on Craigslist (see pictures)....they only want $20 bucks for it, so cross your fingers for me that I will get it (nevermind, we got it, despite a ton of phone calls the guy said) ! We are going to make some other rounds tomorrow. There is a garage sale that is only selling outdoor baby toys..hopefully we will find something good! I love Garage Saling, it is what Sage and I do on Friday's to kill just so happens that I cleaned house today!


Em said...

lol, cool stuff mia, but I'm starting to wonder where the heck all this is goign in your house!! hahaa. I can just see it. In my haed I see a mcdonalds playhosue type situation going on. lolol. I need to bring the kids over to play on all your toys!

Katy said...

Ya me too! We can sit on the Dora chairs and watch the kids play! LOL I'm saying this because I'm assuming there is no room in your house anymore for adult size chairs! LOL