Monday, June 15, 2009

Recent Pictures of Sage

Here are some recent pictures of Sage over at my Mom and Dad's house. As you can see she has just as much stuff there as we do here. She even has her very own Dora Backpack. She is also playing the piano and reading the very music book I used when I was a little girl. She is quite the spoiled little girl, guess that is what happens when the only child has an only child/grandchild.


Becky said...

cute cute cute is right! : ) She looks so happy!

Katy said...

How fun! I remember when Gracie loved Dora...seems like only yesterday, where has time gone?

Em said...

Love those pictures. Chad's parents are the same way. Avery was their first, and the our kids are their only grandkids, so they have tons of stuff at their house! Avery likes dora too, although I'm not sure how, i don't think she's ever even seen the cartoon, but SOMEHOW, she knows who dora is LOL.