Saturday, June 27, 2009

One Vacation Down, One More to Go!

Cannon Beach

On the train with Mom and in the pool with Dad

She loves her "Patti-Cake" Grandpa

So we concluded our weeklong stay at Seaside (Thanks Mom and Dad) Jeramy caught the only keeper (see below) and we clam dug the biggest minus tides, but the digging was hard and we only limited the first day. The second day I went out and only came back in with 4. One was the size of my worth the work. Sage had fun, but came back with a major case of "Toddler Tude". She did a TON of walking. One day she walked all of Cannon Beach, the whole hotel, and to the ocean and back. We built her an alligator on the sand that she thought was pretty cool. She went swimming with Grandma and gave hugs and shared popcycles with "Patti-Cake Grandpa" I am going to try and post a video so you can see just how difficult she is to feed. I did buy Jessica Seinfeld's cookbook (thanks Becky) to give a try. There is also a video of Sage down at the beach stoming in the mud, since Mom usually doesn't let her stomp around in mud she as totally amazed by it, guess that is what Daddy's are for. There is also a video of her screaming "DAAAAADDDDD" she apparently does this whenever she is mad now. lol, hey at least she isn't screaming MOOOOMMMMMMM! So instead of unpacking for my WOW project, I am going to stay packed for our trip to Prosser. How's that for hating to unpack!

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Em said...

I feel ya when it comes to unpacking. packing is so much easier LOL. Looks like you guys had a great time. I love the video of her yelling at the window. She just saw the pool and wanter her daddy to take her swimming again! I can't believe she doesn't like milk! Thanks for the video updates. Love watching her grow, just wish I didn't have to do it from such a distance!!