Saturday, June 27, 2009

Andy, Carol and Kids Blog

Hurray, Carol is joining us in the blogging world! I told her it is so much easier than explaining over and over the newest stuff to everyone. So for all of you who have been asking info on the newest Holman, now you can follow along with her blog. I have her site posted on my favorites, but you have to become a member.
I love this picture of Andy (who recently became a surveyor himself) and Floyd. I told Carol, "He is a Holman for sure now!" Out of all the Holman's and spouses there are 7 of us who have worked in the surveying field (Ashley and I in the office, me working with Jeff Pantier.) The other funny thing is that out of all the Holman boys (and Jeramy) there are more boats in the family than there are guys since everyone seems to have multiples. Wonder when Floyd will get his first boat. Alexandria caught like a 60 pound Halibut that was as big as she was, so I don't give it long before Floyd is the avid fisherman himself. So stop by their site and see all the latest on the newest Holman! Oh and check out more pictures from our trip below....

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Becky said...

I'd love to check out her blog, but I think she has to send out invites because it is a private blog. When I click on your link, it says "It doesn't look like you are an invited reader."

It was fun to see a picture of Andy.