Saturday, June 27, 2009

Jon and Kate/Andy and Carol/ Vaca Pictures

So is anyone surprised that this "reality" couple is getting divorced? I will admit I loved this show in the beginning because it truly was reality TV, and I would learn some of my parenting ideas from watching the show, and sometimes cringed when I would speak to Jeramy like Kate ALWAYS does to Jon. In some respect I can understand now that I have a kid, that the Mommy is usally the bad guy, but in light of the whole spanking incident lately, in which I am against (at least for now, who knows with this Toddler Tude I've been getting lately from Sage), it seems she did get a bum wrap there. HOWEVER, when you start putting your family and your marriage on the back burner to become famous you stop becoming a mother, you deserve everything that people throw at you. She says she does it to provide for her family but that is a bunch of crap. People with more kids and less money do it everyday. And getting hairplugs, tummy tucks, free trips everywhere, and $75,000 an episode to buy their $1.1 million house, and the divorce assests being around 15 million the term "Reality" got lost along time ago. You want to see reality, come to my messy house,where mom hasn't taken a shower today, and haven't done laundry. Plus can you imagine Collin when he is in highschool and everyone is teasing him for watching him potty train on national television. I heard they have 40 more shows this season, so they are going to subject their kids not only to a divorce, but do so infront of millions of people.
Recently in Seaside I saw a woman wearing a shirt that said "Free Kate" I wanted to go over there and slap her across the face. I think the kids should go to Jon because he seems to be the only one that truly cares about the best interest of his kids and would walk away from the fame in a heart beat, out of the two of them. Every picture you see of Kate she is on her cell phone at the hello does any other mom out there remember the last time they were at he spa? I certainly can't. Everything is being blamed on Jon's infadelity, but in the world of papparazi you can make any picture look like something other than what it is, wheter he did or not, do you blame the poor guy..I am proud of him for finally standing up for himself! For the sake of these children I am boycotting the show, nobody should have to go through a divorce on national TV.

You got 3 posts for the price of 1 don't forget to look at the 2 posts below one on Andy's site (I will get her to invite everyone because I guess you have to do that to see the site, and then one of our vacation. Check out the video of us trying to feed Sage, I told you, it was a battle! I bought the book Becky recommended, so we will see, wish me luck!)


Em said...

I never did watch the show, but I do think it's tragic what is happening to those kids. I don't have any idea who is to blame, most of the time, in a divorce situation, I think it's probably a two way street, and there was probably things both parties could have done/not done to make it better. So sad that those kids are going to be torn between two parents.

Katy said...

I agree with Em it's a two way street. From watching the last episode it looks to me like Jon is the one refusing to talk things out. Those poor kids, what a terrible thing they are going through, they all need a lot of prayer. I agree with one thing though Mia, they should not go on with the show. How awful for those kids to have video documentation of their parents divorce. What happened to for better or worse? Rich or poor, sickness or health. No marriage is perfect, get some help, work it out. If Jon is really doing everything he does for those kids, he would be thinking in that direction. Selfish selfish people.