Saturday, April 19, 2008

This Little Piggy Went to the Market

So last weekend it was 75 degrees so we went to the farmers market to buy vegitables to plant in our garden. It is the first time I have ever had a garden, but Jeramy is Mr. Greenthumb. When he put fertilizer in the dirt, I didn't like the fact that I would be eating the food that was in this poop, but I went with it anyways because if I was incharge everything would be dead. We dressed Sage up in her Piggy outfit that is on loan from Avery (which she looked so cute in and is actually kind of small) to take advantage of the beautiful weather. We bought a bunch of tomatos, strawberries, artichokes, parsley, carrots, onions, lavender, a huckleberry tree, peppers and cucumbers. Jeramy also built a squirrel habitat with all sorts of fun suff for them to play with. The only problem is that Lami always goes and attacks them. He built a peanut box and I did too. Mine was made out of a Huggies Diaper Wipe box which is the more popular of the two. We were going to wait a few weeks to plant them in the ground and we were going to work on it more this weekend, but it is snowing! What the heck, how do we go from near 80 degree weather to snow? This weather is so weird...I just want the sunshine already.


Katy said...

I hear ya sister! We did the same thing last weekend. It was beautiful! And last night I had to move all of my plants inside so they wouldn't freeze. It hasn't snowed here yet but they have been calling for it! By the way, if I have a girl I want that outfit! I loved that cute little thing! Sage is looking so big! I can't believe she is almost four months old. Where does the time go! Oh and those last pictures you sent, she looked just like you! Yes you, I couldn't believe it. It reminded me of baby pictures that I had seen of you around the same age probably! So cute! Love ya!

Em said...

AWE!! I love that outfit. I think it was my favorite of those sizes. It is tight, it only fit Avery until she was like 2 mo. old lol. It's supposed to fit super snug though. I have so many m ore clothes so when she's moving up in sizes let me know and I'll let you pick out some super cute stuff if you want. She looks so big, and is growing sooo fast!

Oh yeah... Chad and I are trying for baby #2! Just thought I'd let ya know. LOVE YA!

Becky said...

I'm so jealous....I wish I had a green thumb! I have one plant that has survived and it is an absolute miracle.

We are having the same very weird weather here, too. It is supposed to snow tomorrow. I love snow, but I want spring!!!!!!!

Sage looks adorable!

: ) Becky