Sunday, April 20, 2008

Funny Hats and All That Jazz

Ok so don't mind the messy room, but we are trying to transition her into her Arm's Reach bassinet to get her out of the middle of our bed. Who wouldn't want to go in that, it has a mobile, kick and play, vibrations, nature sounds, music, lights, and her video monitor with night vision and her cow humidifier looking over her. I have also put her portible swing in the bed to try and get her use to not laying next to us. For the most part it is working, she is still sleeping through the night only now she will wake up around 1 or 3 and want to come into bed with us (or at least that is the only thing that makes her not cry). I can't imagine ever putting in her in a room so far away from us "right across the hall", especially since a friend of ours lost his daughter unexpectadly at 14 months. But with all of these gadgets you'd think she'd love hanging out in there, but I guess I found out that the best gadgets are still Mom and Dad.


Katy said...

Hey Mia! Cute pictures I love hats! Just a tip, sometimes having too much going on in the room where they are supposed to sleep makes it harder because they are so stimulated they can't settle down. I don't know if this is the case for you or not but thought that might help. We had a rough night here last night. Joey woke up because he soaked through his diaper, so I had to change everything and then he didn't want to go back to sleep! Ugh he was awake from 2:20 until 4:30. Geesh then I thought I might get him to sleep in a little, but nope 6:30 wide awake and ready to go! Ugh, being a Mom is tough, but there is so much more that erases all the bad! You are doing a great job!
Love ya,

Em said...

The best gadgets are always mom and dad!! It's hard to put them in the other room at first, I mean I didn't do it with Avery until she was like 8 mo's old for more then just a little bit at a time, but you get used to it after a while. I still have times when she's taking a really long nap and I'll go in there to make sure she's fine. Katy's right about too much too. Avery won't go to sleep if there is anything in there for her to play with lol. It's terrible. Love ya