Monday, April 7, 2008

Funny Hats and pink eye

I am so glad that I had a girl so I could put her in silly hats. These aren't even the half of them either. Hopefully she will forgive me someday.
So the other morning she woke up with gunk in her eye and it was all red, I of course was in a panic thinking she had pink eye and immediately rushed her to the doctor who told me that she probably just had a piece of fuzz in her eye and assured me that it wasn't pink eye. Wasn't pink eye!???, you mean those tears I cried at the site of my daughter with a red eye and the horrible guilty feelings I had were for a piece of fuzz? Jeramy of course thought the sight of his wife in an utter panic was hillarious. But seriously what am I going to do when she really gets sick or skins her knees or bonks her head. Surely my little girl won't get hurt right, because obviously her mommy can't handle it. I better start baby proofing now!


Becky said...

Putting hats on our babies is one of the most fun things! One of my shower gifts for Karissa was a box full of fun sun hats.

Don't worry about the pink eye thing. You are a perfectly normal first-time mom! It gets easier. : ) I'm afraid of having boys...I hear they get hurt more. : )

Can't wait for American Idol tonight!


Angie said...

I was also going to say that you are a normal first time mom and it will get way easier. Maybe because I had boys first and they get hurt A LOT!!!, I'm not too concerned about Sarah getting hurt. I'm sure she will be a little more sensitive though. Sage is such a doll!! Love the hats!!