Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My Idol Picks

I almost protested Idol without Michael Johns. He was one of my picks for the winner. Kristie, Carly, Syesha should all be gone before him. Also, wasn't excited about the Mariah Carey week because those are some hard songs to sing, but enjoyed it. Here are my picks

David - very typical of David..good, cute, yada yada
Carly - did not like the way she sang this, and she did have some pitchy parts, probably my bottom pick of the night.
Syesha - she chose a hard song and again I think she nailed it
Brook - as much as I love Brook, I think it was aweful. I had high hopes for her picking a good song but this just wasn't it.
Kristie - as much as I do not like her, she sang this song well. I agree with Paula that it could be recorded as a country song the way she sang it, I would still like to see her go though.
David Cook - was a little shocked when I heard his song pick and I was very pleasantly surprised! He is very original
Jason - LOVE LOVE LOVE Jason! This is my favorite song of MC's and I was wondering if anyone was going to sing it. I love Jason's style...it reminds me of Ben Harper...very Bohemian.

I was very curious to see what MC song David Cook and Jason would sing and I think that they nailed it and are my top votes of the night. I think Simon was right in that the guys nailed it.

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