Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Idol Picks

This is my favorite dress that I have been waiting forever for her to fit into, but it is still too big!

So Neil Diamond songs aren't' my favorite, here is my breakdown
David Cook won the night and if it weren't for all the teeny boppers who will vote for David A. I bet he could win. My issue with David A is that all of his songs sound the same.

Here is my pecking order for who is going home next: Brook, Syesha, Jason


Katy said...

That dress is adorable, hey if it doesn't fit her by the time summer is over I know a baby it might fit next summer! Hint, that is if baby is a girl! Love ya

Em said...

I love that dress!! What size is it? Sage is getting soooo big! I want to come visit! Dang gas prices keep me from going freaking anywhere!