Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My American Idol Picks

Following in Becky's footsteps I will put my AI picks in
Michael Johns: wasn't his best performance and I kept thinking to my self oh gosh I hope he doesn't try to hit the high note and he did and I didn't love it. And what was up with Paula and her Chihuahua comment? Something might have been in her Coke this week.
Syesha: She keeps getting a bum wrap. She gave me goose bumps on that song and I think she has done a great job this week and last and they are being too hard on her. Of course she isn't going to sing it like Whitney, but bless her for trying.
Jason: LOVE LOVE LOVE him, I think I have a weak spot for ukulele. I agreed with all of the judges and it was probably my favorite one of the night.
Kristie: Can we get rid of her already? Did not love the way she sang the song (and I am just sick of her) and I think the judges were just being nice to her.
David Cook: What was up with that song? You could barely hear him over the back up singers. Not his greatest moment.
Carly: I kept waiting for Simon to say something negative about her outfit, and he surprised me. I mean that outfit was almost as awful as the song. I agree with the judges that she just seemed mad the whole time she was singing it.
David A: Cutie Pie, I really enjoyed the song, he has such a great voice and it was nice to see him on the piano. I still can't believe that he is only 17.
Brook: I love Brook. She seems so genuine and has such a unique voice. I was a little disappointed to not see her on the piano, and what was up with her at the end? It looked like someone ran over her puppy, and Ryan said she was shaking?
So my top 3 are Jason, David A, and a toss up between Syesha and Brook
Bottom 3 this week would have to be Kristie, Carly, and David Cook

Now off to watch Hell's Kitchen....wonder what he would say about some of my cooking...haha...did anyone see him actually throw up last week...yikes

And of course have to throw in a picture of my 2 Favorite people

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