Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Idol Picks

Sage is Sad Brook Might Go Home

I was so excited about Andrew Lloyd Weber night...I had to practice singing all of my Phantom songs that I know by heart...all of the Phantom songs were my favorite of the night..so excuse me if I am biased.

Syesha..can we say next Tony? I agree with the judges that she belongs on Broadway. She has such a big voice and personality that I see her on Broadway instead of on tour.
Jason...poor Jason...I usually give him the Love Love Love but tonight he just get's one Love from me. I figured this might be a hard week for him...it wasn't a trainwreck, but it wasn't his greatest performance.
Brook...poor Brook, as much as I like her I am sure she is the one that will get voted off. So she started and stopped before and got praised for it, so not sure why Paula came down so hard on her. Her voice was just so shakey, and I just feel like she is done.
David - Davvy Boy gave another steller performance, and I loved iti because of course it was from the Phantom. What I could hear over my voice, he is the one to beat. Plus all of the teeny boppers adore him.
Carly- I am glad she went with Jesus Christ Super Star instead of the Phantom song, because it would have been aweful. But she gave a memorable performance.
David Cook...put a half a mask on him and he could be the Phantom. This was probably my favorite performance of the night.

Favorite Performance: David Cook
Winner Overall: David A
Going Home: Brook


Em said...

So I haven't been keeping up with American Idol this season... but I gotta say that picture of Sage is priceless lol. I can't tell if she's sad of pissed of. I need to call you back!! I'll do it right now.

Becky said...

I'm agreeing with you. : ) I'm going to watch the results show right now to see how it turns out.