Sunday, May 3, 2009

Our Scores!!!!

So I am officially obsessed with finding deals at garage sales and such. This weekend was a steller weekend. I think I had $20 and some change and look at what I scored. I am not sure where we are going to put this tent/tunnel/teepee/tunnel thing but we were going to buy her one and I think full price they are like $70, and this was still in the box never opened. I also got a Chicco umbrella stroller for $2, a Chicco clip on highchair thing still in the box for $3, the playball pit with cover for outside for $2, a swimming floaty thing for 25 cents, a matching rug to go with her bed set for $1, a pair of Teva sandles for 25 cents, about 14 pajama sets and 2 really cute dresses, plus a ton of books and bowling pins. I also got Jeramy some camo pants and a camo bow cover so he wouldn't feel left out.
He went to the Oak Creek feeding station and then up in the woods where they hunt to go shed hunting, and even though he had to swim across a river he came home with some dandy's. They are hanging on our curtain rod in his "man room" Thank goodness we have 2 living All in totall Jeff, Him and Brian got 10 elk sheds. Not bad for a days work!


Katy said...

Okay I'm totally jealous! Maybe I'm going to have to come spend the weekend just so you can take me to some of these amazing yard sales! :)

Karen L. Brahs said...

Great job yard saling! But, I have one question: where do you and Jeramy live? LOL!!