Friday, May 8, 2009

Running with Your Eyes Closed

So Sage's new thing is running into the awaiting arms of people with her eyes closed. This has provided us with countless hours of laughter as she squints her eyes shuts and just runs knowing that someone will catch her. Although, at times it is kind of a challenge to get there to catch her in the midst of your laughter, but one way or another she always gets where she was going. It got me to thinking today about how great it would be to not have any cares and only trust and just run and run with your eyes closed until someone caught you. Even if you weren't caught, just having the faith to try. I also heard a line in a movie that Bob Marley wanted peace through the love and laughter of music, and then I think of my little Rasta baby who loves loves loves Reggee and Hawaiian music and to dance, I think because I listened to it so much when I was pregnant because it made me happy, and then I see my little ball of love and happiness that is running with her eyes closed and her arms wide open.

I will post a picture of it soon, so far I have been too busy making sure someone catches her to get it on camera...but it is pretty cute.

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Em said...

I love reggae too. Can't get enough of it sometimes. She's takign after Avery lol, Avery still does that. She'll close her eyes and run circles around the room.. Sometimes it doesn't end too nicely lol.