Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I swear this kid will never hit the 20 pound mark. Jeramy took her to the doctor the other day to try and get some slivers out that had been in her hand a couple of days and we weren't having any luck with...we tried everything, teething gel to numb, ice, epsom salt soak...and when they went to weigh her (with clothes, shoes and a jacket on mind you) she still only weighed 19 15 months. She is busy running around all over the place now so I know she is burning off everything she eats (and she is a REALLY picky eater) and that most kids start to slow their weight gain around this time, but we have been waiting to turn her around in her car seat until she was a year and 20 pounds, but we finally did it anyways. But one thing that is growing fast is her hair. She has the Donald Trump doo now, as we are in the "in-between" stage of growing out her bangs, because I do not want to have to deal with bangs later. But it is growing in every direction, it makes me laugh because her and Jeramy have the same hair style in the morning, I call it mupet hair. Her attitude has certainly gotten bigger too, as she likes to tell me how it is, and reminding me that "I didn't do it", and she has gotten taller (she is wearing some 12-18 month stuff, but she is still in a size 4 diaper which is still kind of big). She also loves to do things that make people laugh, and totally hams up all of the attention.

We are constantly getting stopped now when we are out and about and asked how old she is because she looks like a 6 month old walking and talking around because of her size. I am just thankful she is doing everything so well so early despite the fact that she was a 3#11oz premie. Such a big miracle in such a little girl!

This is her sofa couch that my dad and I picked up at a garage sale that they have at their house, and she loves it and runs right to it. Although, I will not allow her to play with Bratz dolls when she is older, it is ok for now because she is so cute on there and she LOVES it, she lounges on it and watches her shows just like Grandpa!


Em said...

Oh no, not a BRATZ chair! lol... I can't believe she's still not 20 lbs lol. She'll make it there sooner or later! Hope the sliver came out alright :) Miss you guys! Talk to ya soon.

Katy said...

Geesh, guess we already knew that my almost 8 month old is bigger, but I still can't believe she is not even 20 pounds! It may be a while now that she is running around! :)