Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sage Wants a Pony

So after suffering through 4 days of getting ready for and having the garage sale we decided it was time for some family time, so we took Sage to the fun fair. I always said I would never be the type of parent who puts a leash on her kid, but now I see that it is neccissary, because it helped also to keep her from falling. I was totally expecting her to freak out on the pony ride but she LOVED it. I, being the overly prepared mother that I am even brought pants to put on her because NO way was she sitting on that thing in a dress, I even had a first aid kit in my purse just in She sits on our big lab Toby and says "Go Go Go" and she was saying that on the horse, she even cried when we took her off. Jeramy being the good daddy that he is walked with her (because she was too small to fit in the belt, I was glad they didn't have a height limit because poor little girl might never make that). They even had to stop and wait for the poop from the horse in front of her to be picked up, but she didn't mind, she had an awesome time! So now Grandma and Grandpa will have to buy her a pony, and we will keep it at Aunti A's and Uncle Dale's house. :o)
And the best news of all is that for the last 3 days she went and took her nap in her crib in her room with no fuss. Then last night I put the video monitor in her room so I could see her the whole time, put her fish tank frame on, her ocean music, and eventually a DVD with her seahorse nightlight and all of her loveys and put her to bed, and though she cried for a bit she fell asleep. She made it until about 1am and then I brought her in with us. But slowly but surely I will get my bed back.


Em said...

YAY about the sleeping situations!!! It's so nice when you get the bed to yourself again lol. I love the video, I can't tell if she's holding on for dear life, or enjoying herself LOL. Looks like a lot of fun though! Avery will have to come over and ride sages pony lol.

Chase Family said...

Looks like she is ready to come and ride with Emma to me! Tell Jeremy he may need a second job to support this hobby along with Sage's inhertied shopping addiction. Love you guys!!!