Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The New Twilight Book Leaked

As some of you have heard the newest Twilight book, Midnight Sun was leaked to the internet before it was done. This book is the Twilight book through Edward's eyes. At first I was sad that the author decided to quit writing the book, but then while doing a search I came across her site and his posting with the stolen manuscipt at the end for people to read, which I thought was pretty cool of her. So instead of looking for it illegally you can go to this site to get the 264 pages. Enjoy!!!



Becky said...

That's funny. That's what I've been reading all morning. I'm surprised I like it so much. I feel sorry for Stephanie Meyer, though, having to put it out there before it was the way she wanted it to be. You can tell its a rough draft, but it is still fun. I'm just thankful to have more Twilight- except I'm supposed to be free from Twilight so I can get this messy house clean. Ugh! She needs to stop writing for my family's sake. Ha Ha.

Katy said...

Thank you Mia! I just started chapter one and though, wait before I start I better at least get my dishes done and a load of laundry going... I might be here all day! :)