Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Get Down and Dance

So here are some pictures of Sage and her new things. She likes to pull Jeramy's glasses off and walk around with them on, and then she gets all dizzy and falls down. She is also getting into her climbing phase which I am not looking forward to. I also added 2 pictures of her watching her TV, she always stands against the ottoman. Our good friends Scott and Heather gave us one of those couch things that she loves, so she just lounges on it like a couch potato.

And the other thing she likes doing now is to dance. It is pretty funny because if you say "get
down" she puts her little butt the ground and she stops her foot like she is at a square dance or something. I attached a video of it, it is pretty blurry but you get the idea.


Katy said...

Did she get dancing lessons from Avery? LOL Cracking up not only at your adorable daughter but the Mom in the back ground! Get down! :)

Em said...

Love it. i think she may have taken lessons from avery. Avery is the dancing queen LOL. Dancing videos are always super cute