Wednesday, May 27, 2009

100 ish Post

So my cousin Katy did a post on 100 things about her, mine is probably overdue so here goes:

1. My middle name is Joung (my mom's maiden name)
2. My daughter's middle is name; Donna Patricia after both our grandmas.
3. I will be 30 this year..25 days after my husband...ha ha
4. I got married in Vegas at the Luxor, where 125 people flew in
5. I hate frogs, HATE HATE HATE
6. I am having oral surgery tomorrow, thank god
7. Then having another surgery on July 7th, yuck
8. I use to play competitive volleyball a couple years ago and played against the samoan national team and watched a guy break a girls arm that tried to bump his hit
9. We finally have 2 Holman grandkids; Sage and Floyd
10. I love watching Sage dance, but there is absolutely no way she is going to be a cheerleader. She will be an athlete! But it is pretty entertaining to watch
11. Because my face hurts so bad, I have been asleep for 3 days straight..better to be asleep than in pain (Thank goodness for my husband and vicodin)
12. I was on hospital bedrest at the University of Washington for a month before I had Sage, and she was delivered by the Seahawks headcoach, Mike Holmgren's daughter...Dr. Holmgren
13. We didn't want to know the sex of the baby (thank you Katy and Emily) and were very surprised when we found out it was a girl because we were convinced it was a boy
14. I love to read, that is my favorite thing to do
15. Sage was 5 weeks early and weighed less than a box of Ritz crackers from Costco
16. I am an obsessive proof reader and it drives me nuts when I see errors on public stuff and I have to point it out to the people who did it
17. I have a hybrid dog, a Jack-a-Bea and it shits money (eats $100 bills and credit cards) and a Chocolate Lab
18. I am a glass is half empty girl, and very cautious
19. After dating a few losers I finally found my soul mate, and we make beautiful babies, I love him with all my heart
20. Sage will be our last baby, due to my health
21. I was voted best dressed in high school (what happened? now I am always in yoga pants-they are comfortable and can be dressed up in a pinch) Stay at Home Mom's wardrobe I guess
22. I started going tanning again and it is my mini relaxing vacation, as well as using coconut shampoo in the shower - Sad I know
23. I can name all the states and even beat my cousin Scott (he still owes me a diaper change)
24. Sage is finally sleeping in her crib in her own room and it is AWESOME..I got my bed back, but have been sleeping in the spare room because I sleep better in that Jeramy
25. My parents have every toy, baby item, clothes, diaper, etc at their house and they get laughed at that their house looks like a day care.
26. My husband and I are total opposites, bwhich I think it is why it works so well, I love him so so much
27. We own 2 boats, one for sale, anyone want to buy?
28. I can sing the Wonder Pets and Backyardigan's theme song. This is SERIOUS
29. My favorite TV show is NCIS
30. I tend to worry about everything!
31. I read all of the Patricia Cornwell books, I think there were like 16 of them
32. I am addicted to tabloid magazines
33. I love doing laundry, but hate putting it away.
34. I will not do dishes because it grosses me out, thank goodness for my wonderful husband again
35. I have a stuffed porcupine in my garage (at least it isn't in the house anymore)
36. I am currently reading Angels and Demons
37. I love the fact that my daughter knows the NCIS theme song and starts dancing and throws her hands in the air during the blow up at the end.
38. I am on 5 different medications for high blood pressure
40. I miss my grandma so much sometimes I can't breathe, and I wish she was alive to see Sage
41. I am obsessed with Twilight and even read them backwards (4th book to first)
42. I cried the day Bush was elected last (because I was so sad)
43. I cried the day Obama was elected because I was so proud that my daughter was alive to witness history, hope and change
44. I love watching my husband cuddled up with my daughter sleeping, and when he gives her a bath and changes her diaper and takes her to Cabelas. He is such a good Daddy
45. My birthday is September nobody forgets my birthday
46. I love listening to my daughter laugh
47. My daughter is definatly a Daddy's girl, but mostly she is her Grandma's (my mom's) girl. She doesn't want anything to do with her dad and me if my parents are around.
48. My parents live just down the road, so they come and get her about every other day.
49. I always said I would never leash my child, but now I realize that you have to! lol
50. I don't sleep, the Dr has given me every drug there is and I can be exhausted and I still can't sleep at night. Last night I did and put away 5 loads of laundry.
51. I went to kindergarden through Graduate School in Lacey
52. I have never lived off of Ruddell Road (45th, 14th, 54th)
53. I love to go sturgeon fishing (except 2 years ago when I was 2 months pregnant and seasick so I jumped in Uncle Daves boat and he took me to shore)
54. My husband and cousin got 2nd place and won $5,000 in the largest black mouth salmon derby in the world against 500 of the best anglers around.
55. I just had a garage sale and made almost $600 and have a clean garage, and am gearing up for another one.
56. I was voted most athletic in middle school.
57. I am obsessively organized (label everything), but extremely messy (house/car are always a mess)
58. I use to feed my husband popcorn for dinner after we were married, no wonder he is so skinny. But now can cook a bunch of yummy food
59. I worked for the Children's Museum and got to work with the Governor and his wife.
60. I worked for 10 years with my ex boyfriends dad doing auctions, such as make-a-wish etc. I got to meet Dale Chahule, Samual L Jackson, Detlaf Schrempf, the cast of Melrose Place and countless others. I have checked people out whose bill was $125,000.
61. I am not a green thumb at all, I guess you could call me a black thumb because I kill everything.
62. Every Friday, Sage and I go to garage sales because what else is there to do at 7am?
63.I speak enough Korean to get me by, and Dad and I are going to do the Rosetta Stone he bought.
64. My newest thing is thrift shopping. I get a thrill out of getting a good deal on stuff, which is a huge shift from when I was younger and would buy tons of stuff new.
65. I ate 12 ice cream sandwiches last night.
66. I sleep eat alot and will wake up with food in the bed
67. My almost 16 month old daughter still hasn't hit 20 pounds yet.
68. Most people call Jeramy "Junior" because he works with his Dad so it doesn't get confusing, unless you are one of his neices or nephews they call him Uncle Norris because he checked into the hotel when Avery was born under that name and now it stuck
69. I use to teach swimming lessons to the 1st graders at Lakes Elementary
70. I love my family very much and am close to all my cousins. My grandma use to be the hub to everyone and sometimes I feel like I have taken over that role since I talk to everyone that maybe others don't.
71. I had my appendix removed
72. I am very much an inside girl, I like going outside but it can't be too cold or too hot
73. All of our favorite shows piss me off now Hawg Quest, Jon and Kate Plus 8 because they have totally sold out for the money. Those poor kids, I really can't stand Kate, she cares more about money than her own children.
74. My husband and mine's favorite shows are Ax Men and Deadliest Catch
75. I get about 1 kidney stone a month since I was 16 years old..ouch
76. There is one room in my house that has 3 elk skulls and countless elk and deer sheds, even making a valance for the curtains. The Man Room...thank goodness our new house has a living room I can decorate.
77. I finally bought something I have always wanted; a big comfy chaise lounge chair to read my books in, and low and behold I got it at a garage sale for $20, and then I found a matching slip cover for the chair and ottoman (normally around $90) at Goodwill that matches my couch perfectly for $15 bucks. Did I tell you I love a good deal!!
78. I drink way too much pop...I am a Coke girl, and I really don't like Pepsi, but will drink it if there is nothing else.
79. I am the youngest of the immediate cousins on my mom's side. Hettie, Huynoo, Haydan, Jinny, Eugene, and Me.
80. We recently got in touch with Jeramy's half sister that he didn't know he had until he was 18 and hasn't talked to in a really long time. So all in all he has 4 half sisters and 2 half brothers. I am an only child.
81. At first my daughter totally looked like Jeramy, now people say she is a good mixture of both of us.
82. Sage got my darker complexion and Jeramy's Green/Blue/Hazel eyes..lucky girl
83. When I was in graduate school I had a teacher named Dr. Holman and it turned out that we were related...I told him I bet he didn't expect to be related to the Korean girl in the class and he laughed. He brought in our lineage and traced us back to Roscommon Ireland.
84. A girl accused me of cheating in college (which I didn't) and then years later she applied for a job at my company and during the interview I made her feel like an idiot, by asking impossible questions like "what is 3,465 x 5,354?"...Karma is sweet
85. Jeramy is the only one that can get Sage to sleep..did I mention she was a Daddy's girl? We love our videoo monitor with night vision that plugs into our TV so we can watch her
86. Sage's room is decorated in a Hawaiian theme because I love Hawaii so much. She loves Regge and Hawaiian music too.
87. Every wall in my house is white with a hint of yellow/brown, so I guess they are beige. I need to get the courage to paint some like my cousin Becky.
88. My first car was a BMW
89. I am a realist. I plan for every contingency, and I am VERY impatient
90. I am mean Mommy, while Daddy is the fun one...someone has to be the strict one and it sure isn't going to be Jeramy.
91. I love my husband's homemade macarroni and cheese.
92. I use to play the piano and the violin, and performed at the Washington Center for the Performing Arts.
93. I think I have 3 pairs of shoes that fit me, where as Sage has about 30 that fit her right now.
I would rather spend the money on her, so would her Grandma Sonia
94. If Sage were a boy, which we thought she was going to be, her name would have been Jack Lee after my grandpa and because everyone in Jeramy's family's first name starts with a J and their middle name is Lee. Lee is also Andreas's middle name and Marcus and Lucas' last name.
95. Even though I am obsessed with proof reading, ignore all the errors in this as I don't have the time to proof read it. If I could proof read for a living I would or do some type of reading ,I'd love it.
96. I have 3 undergraduate degrees from Saint Martin's College and my MBA from Saint Martin's University (Same school, they just switched to a university half way through) which is a Catholic School, where some of my teachers were monks from the monestary. My mom goes to church there every Sunday.
97. My favorite cereal is called O's
98. My favorite song is Anna Begins by the Counting Crows
99. My daughter and husband are the best thing that has ever happened to me and I love them with my entire being.
100. My highschool girlfriends and I get together at least once a month for "girls night" which now includes husbands and kids so that we stay in touch. One of the girls Kerry Mills and I have been friends since 4th grade.

Hope I didn't bore you too much, but now you know a little bit about me.


Em said...

Not boring. I love reading these things. But I am a little confused, first you sayyou've been sleeping for 3 days, then you say you can't sleep lol. DORK. kidding. Love you Mia!

Katy said...

I was not bored either, but now I'm going to be more concious about checking for errors on my blogs or you are going to start reporting me! LOL I do have to say that the "name brand" purse/shoe clothes buyer that I grew up with has changed a whole lot! Love you Mia!

Heidi said...

Hey there...what's up with the oral surgery...and then more surgery? You ok? Sorry to hear you've been in so much pain! That sucks! And...I was not bored at all reading that, loved it! I might have to do it myself:)

Heidi said...

lol, I agree with Em! I loved reading your 100 things! A BMW, seriously! Is Sage getting a BMW? Love you Mia.