Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Emily's Shower

This weekend we drove over to Prosser for my cousin Emily's shower that her sister Katy threw her. She got a couple of cute cakes, and my second attempt at a diaper cake turned out prety cool. She got some amazing gifts too. Poor Emily isnt getting any sleep and is having twins so I can only imagine the no sleep to come. I guessed that she is having 2 girls (sorry Chad) and that they would be born on Sage's birthday, December 30th. That would be cool if their birthday's were around the same time then we could throw a half birthday in the summer and get them all together so their birthdays are seperate from Christmas. Sage had so much fun playing with her cousins, and ADORED her cousin Cole. I was so happy to see that she got right down with all the kids to play because she is not around kids really over here, because there aren't any really. She really loved the tissue paper, I can only imagine what Christmas is going to be like. Probably the funniest part was that cousin Eli who is only 2 months old and Sage who is almost 11 months old weigh pretty much the same. Infact my dad who held them both thought that Eli weighed more. I think both Katy and I were surprised when we held the other baby because I forget how little Eli is because he weighs as much as Sage. In fact, if I am doing my math right Joey and Avery are only 9 months older than Sage and they look so big next to her. I guess you don't really get an idea on scale until you put her next to Katy's kids..lol...Katy must have some really buff arms is all I can say. It was really great getting to spend time with Heidi too, I never get to do that much, even though Danny had to call down and rub in that the Cougs won. I got to sing my tootie pants, and I changa her diaper, and my boogie songs to the kids that they seemed to love. Cutie Gracie told me I should make a CD and then I sang her Alabalippy cuppy song and she was so proud I remembered. I told her I would add it to my CD and give her the credit. She is so big I can't believe it, and such a good sister. I told her she has to teach Sage and be like her big sister for me ok. I have basically learned how to be a mother from Katy and Emily so I am so excited that our kids are close in age like we were growing up. The top pictures we took when Sage was around 2 months old (you can see the size difference again with Eli and her at the same age) But we took one of us and our first born daughters. I love it, we have always been so close and they are like sisters to me too, and I am so thrilled beyond words that our kids will have the opportunity to grow up together like we did. Now I only wish that Emily could get some rest!


Angie said...

It looks like you guys had a great time! Whenever I see pictures of Sage by herself I don't really realize how tiny she is...and then you put her next to Eli!! HaHa If you guys do the whole half party thing maybe we could come too. Luke's birthday is on the 26th so he would be pretty close.

And, to answer your question...yes I am still watching Grey's. I'm not real sure why though. It's getting pretty stupid. I do still love some of the characters like Bailey, Yang, Alex and a couple of others. I guess that's why I still watch it. I hope they turn it around and get rid of Denny and the crazy intern.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Katy said...

What a sweet post! I also am so glad that we are so close! We have Nana and Aunt Pattie to thank for that! I hope our kids grow up together and stay connected! We just have to take turns making the trip over as often as we can! Love ya!

Em said...

That post was nice. I didn't get any pictures on my own camera of the shower so I'll have to get some from you. I'm getting a little more sleep now. Hopefully I get more and more the closer it gets to having these babies. I talked to my tax guy today and he said he's sure I'll have them before the end of the year lol. Thanks for the diaper cake and all your help! Love you

Becky said...

I'm so glad you got to go to the shower. I'm jealous. : ) I miss everyone so much. Reading your post made me feel like I was there. Love you!