Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Election and Grey's

So I typically try and keep my political voice to myself, and I don't ever think anyone is wrong in believing in the other party or that my views are right and the only answer, because I feel everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, but this election has filled me with hope and pride. Listening to Obama's speach made me feel at peace to knownthat my daughter will see that a minority can become leader of the freeworld despite serious opposition, the value of voting, and how country over party is very important, and that in the face of the worst ecomomy in decades, an endless and needless war, people wanting for change can achieve it. I even bought her the USA Today paper the day after for her hope chest. When watching McCain's concession speach you hear many of his followers boo the new president elect..while watching several political shows afterwards they went back on the last few democratic concession speaches and not one boo'ed the president elect, that says something to me about that party. Even if you did not vote for Obama, at least have enough respect for your country that you will at least give him a chance. Obama's speach brought me to tears because for once I was hopefull...he didn't claim to be able to fix all of the problems right out of the gate, and he addressed all of the people that didn't vote for him and said he would listen and do his best. No false promises, but just the hope for change. Also, when reading my Parenting magazine they interviewed both families only the John McCain didn't show up for the interview so it was just Cindy, and in it when asked about family traditions stated that their family has never spent the holidays in the states because they are on vacation in luxiourious abroad countries. Add to that the fact that Cindy McCain wore a $300,000 oufit and Palin a $150,000 outfit to Michelle Obama's Target outfit and it just screams to me that the McCain campaign doesn't really understand what it is like to be an "average American." They have never had to work for anything or want for nothing. I don't care who you are or what party you are with there are certain aspects of the state of the country, that let's face it are ready for change, and I am confident that change is exactly what we needed. (Also a VP who at least knows that Africa is a continent, as Palin has recently been quoted as saying she did not)

Now on to more important things...Grey's. The new guy really opened my eyes to something I never really noticed before, how the doctors fight over patients surgeries like they are just some science experiment and not real people, so I was glad that he called them out on it! I hope he stays around, and we can give Hahn the boot. She has such an arrogance about her that drives me nuts, and now trying to bully the chief on the Denny issue. Speaking of Denny has anyone else noticed that he doesn't have a neck? It is like his head is attached to his shoulders. I really hope that Alex and Izzy stay together. But probably my biggest irritation right now with the show are the nameless interns, that seem to be only the ones that Christina numbered. Where are the other people's interns, and will they ever serve any purpose on the show?

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Heidi said...

Hey Mia..good news...Dr. Hahn is off the show! I read that on Comcast, that this past week was her last episode!! Yippee!! Now Callie can go back to being her less confused self:) That whole lesbian thing just wasn't flyin..too awkward! No chemistry.